Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Sunday, 7 August 2011

{Vermont Introductions}

I've been in Vermont almost a week now. I've been busy settling in, unpacking, finding my way around, doing HR stuff etc.. etc...
I live in Winooski, a town that's just outside Burlington (and by just outside, I mean really a suburb of Burlington-about an 8 minute drive away). Winooski is named for the river that runs through it (a mere few minutes walk from my house).

{Winooski River & park}
Winooski has a long history--it was home to a paleolithic settlement and became a fort for settlers in the 18th century. It's probably most famous for the 19th-c mills, whose buildings still stand today.
{downtown Winooski}

A 3 bedroom house is included in my contract--a lovely change from the studio apartment I had last year. Plus, it's completely furnished, which means I didn't have a huge amount of unpacking to do. Still, I'm very picky about interior design so I'm going to spend some time making it as much my own as I can.
{my house}
I'll be sure to take some before & afters to see what a few small changes can do to a place. I have already made a friend--a resident froggy who lives in my mailbox. He was shy at first, but he's become more friendly. I've named him my petit prince, in hopes that he's a prince just waiting to be kissed by Princess Leah.
{shy froggy}

{an invitation to be kissed?}

So first impressions? Burlington is a lovely town, full of shops (BR, Macy's, Urban Outfitters etc...) & restaurants. The main drag--Church St.--is fully pedestrianized, which gives it a lovely feel.
{Church St, Burlington}

But there are also one-of-a-kind shops off the beaten track--Just the type of stores I love:
{Anjou...& the Little Pear on Main St.}

{funky metal recycler down on Pine St.}

{great shop selling old books--I found a 19th-c Dickens' complete works for $5.50 (which I'm now regretting NOT buying)}

{this place has got great finds--I found a silver hot mustard container for my roast beef dinners for $4}

{this store was a tad crazy--down on Flynn St. there was no one to be found in the entire store--but it had some great finds}

Just outside this store, I came across this crazy tower:
{notice the filing cabinets with the date on the side it was added}

There's a farmer's market in Burlington every Saturday and one in Winooski every Sunday. Plenty of fresh veggies, breads, & local stuff...

There's tons of hiking/cycling/walking to be had in this area. Just minutes away from where I live are a bunch of trails. Hoping to get some walking in before the snow sets in...

I also have yet to go to the beach...so stay tuned for more. I still have loads to report from Europe too. all in time!
ciao for now,

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