Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Friday, 28 November 2014

{a night with the cast of Downton Abbey!}

{my friend Mel, me & Carson & Lady Edith!!}

I never thought I'd label a blog post with this title, but it's true!
On Tuesday night I met some of the cast of Downton Abbey, at a charity event, for Tomorrow's People.
I'm sorry I missed quotable thursdays yesterday, but in light of that, I'm making up for it with a quote from Carson:
{indeed, Carson!}
I'm happy to say that I made eye contact with Branson a few times throughout the evening, brushed shoulders with Julian Fellowes, and chatted with Carson & Lady Edith!
The evening began with songs sung by the Salvation Army Choir, followed by festive  seasonal readings with members of the cast of Downton Abbey: Penelope Wilton (Isobel Crawley), Laura Carmichael (Lady Edith), Jim Carter (Carson), Allen Leech (Tom Branson) and Julian Fellowes (series writer).
Unfortunately I didn't bring my camera, so had to do with fuzzy pics on my phone:

{Julian Fellowes}

{Branson read some James Joyce}

{Lady Edith}
The cast then were available for a Q&A:

The Countess of Wessex was also in attendance and selected the tickets for the raffle (which I unfortunately didn't win!)
{picture not mine, from Hello Magazine}

We drank wine, mingled with the other guests, and hung out with Carson & Lady Edith!
{I love this photo--it looks like I'm telling the paparazzi to get lost!}

For more pictures & details, you can check out Hello Magazine. Also, more photos here.
You might remember, I visited Highclere Castle a few years ago (blog here): It now seems my Downton experience is complete--unless I'm proposed to by Lord Gillingham!

What fun!!!
Certainly a night I won't forget, and probably not one to be replicated again!
Best wishes,
Lady Leah 

Sunday, 23 November 2014

{cousins' birthday weekend}

Last weekend I celebrated my birthday with my cousins...It was absolutely fantastic. I haven't felt so spoiled since I was a kid!
{my welcome sign!}

On the Friday night a great feast was prepared and on Saturday we walked between two gorgeous villages--Great Bardfield to Finchingfield.
{lovely cottages in Great Bardfield}

 & a walk through lovely fields and forest to, Finchingfield:
{the green at Finchingfield}

{stopped for Cream Tea at Bosworths Tearooms}
Home to my cousins' for a big birthday bash:

{fancy dress masks!}

 At dinner we recited this poem my Dad composed for me:

Friday the thirteenth
Auspicious day
That launched our scholar
On her way.

Today we toast
With joy anew
Leaps, Tinz or Dr. Clark
“Now here’s to you!”

Across the oceans
You have sailed
From many a port
You now have hailed.

Of the Coca Cola Club
You were the founder
Making sense of dollars
All the sounder.

“Three cheers”, we cry
“We wish at length,
“That on you move
“From strength to strength.”

“May the next year
“Be as full and free
“And all we wish

“Your life to be!”

{Happy Birthday to me!}

{I love these balloons with lights inside them!}
 A walk on Sunday brought us to this cute little church:

{beautiful autumn colours & mist!}

Thursday, 20 November 2014

{quotable thursdays}

Lots to do today, so this will be a brief quote, but one that I hope makes you aim to be a better person:
That person will be different for all of us. 
The important bit is not that you change yourself for others, but that you become the person, who you, yourself would want to meet and know. It also gives you a chance to look into the mirror and see if you've adopted any bad habits recently;)

I had a fantastic birthday weekend at my cousins, so will post pics of that soon!

Friday, 14 November 2014

{belated quotable thursdays-birthdays!}

{balloons & cards}

Hello blogworld,
Sorry I missed quotable thursdays yesterday, but I had a good excuse: it was my birthday!
I took the day off and ventured into Barnes, a lovely village in London that harkens back to another time, when London streets weren't quite so busy, where the local pub was charming and quiet and where shops shut early and life is refined. Simply a lovely day.
I was blessed with loads of love from all of my friends and family in all the various forms--snail mail, cards, phone calls, skype chats, facebook posts, emails, e-cards, texts, etc....
Here is a fantastic quote for a birthday girl:
{party tonight!}
The morning started off with yummy cakes, coffee & of course Buck's Fizz.

 & a few pictures from my day in Barnes:

{cream tea at the lovely Orange Pekoe}

{gorgeous homes in Barnes}

{a lovely birthday pint before a roaring fire at the charming Idle Hour pub}

I'm off to my cousins' this weekend for more b-day celebrations. Stay tuned for pics!