Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Saturday, 13 August 2011

{Happy Birthday Samundar!}

{Samundar aboard Passat}

Our family cat (who I've had from childhood) turns 19 today! Now that's a pretty big achievement for a creature so small. She's a blue-point Siamese--a sea-going Siamese at that. She's sailed internationally, travelled across Canada a few times (she moved in with me in Montreal when my parents were barging in France), and is an adventurer. She's been the mother of numerous litters of kittens, and is a caring sort of cat, who loves those around her. Her name means the sea in Hindi--an appropriate name for a cat who currently resides on a boat and whose paws are the colour of light blue (hence blue-point Siamese). She's got a whole long list of nicknames: wools, woolly, rat, ratty, mammadoo, lamby, lamben...the list goes on.
So happy birthday dear Samundar the sea-going Siamese! we love you!
{sniffing the sea breeze}
{Samundar & my nephew, Christmas 2005}

{wools in my flat in Montreal}
ps: a particularly cheesy ditty my sis & I came up with to the tune of 'It's a small world after all':
She's a cat we call woolly, 
a cat we call lamb, 
she's a cat full of tuna
a cat full of ham, 
There's no doubt when we say, 
we are loved everyday, 
by a good, good, cat.

She's a good cat after all, 
She's a good cat after all
She's a good cat after all
She's a good, good cat