Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Thursday, 24 April 2014

{quotable thursdays}

Today my mum arrives in London.

{welcome to London Mum!}

Today, I dedicate this quote to her:

My mum fulfils this quote because she always is thinking of everybody else. With 5 children, she had to. But that doesn't mean that she doesn't believe in herself or that she is weak. In contrast, she is the most capable woman I know--she can paint a house, sail a boat, nurse wounds large & small, stay up all night, raise five children, operate the ham radio, use morse code, sew a wedding dress, sew a sail, laugh at herself, laugh with others, make fine roast beef & yorkshire pudding, make a meal out of whatever ingredients are left in the fridge, remain married to her childhood sweetheart, cross the Thar desert on a camel, relax in a five-star hotel, take care of others, and love. The last word is the most important. Her ability to love others often astounds me.
My mum forgives and loves unconditionally. She is always so keen to support whatever plan, dream, or goal I make.

{my mum (left) with me (baby) and my sister Esther}
{me & mum in California last spring--this time last year, actually}

{this past summer having tea (a favourite pastime) at the Bengal Lounge, Victoria}

This week she is flying to London because I'm undergoing knee surgery on Friday. I can't think of a more able person to be by my bedside (not only a trained nurse but a survivor of numerous knee surgeries & one replacement).

Things I'm most looking forward to post-knee surgery (once recovered): 
-to go for long walks
-to run
-to kneel, squat, & bend
-to wear high heels
-to go up & down stairs
{yay for jumping!}
{long English walks!}
{dashing about in high heels!}
{high heels-yes please!}
If anything, this knee problem has taught me to appreciate my (normally) good health & I will never take for granted again the ability to walk, run, & jump.

see you on the other side of the surgery!

Monday, 21 April 2014


I hosted a little get together at my flat for Easter--it was very low key, but fun to decorate and get festive! I took inspiration from my easter pinterest board, and decided to do some not totally traditional eggs, which were super easy by simply drawing a silhouette with indelible black marker. 
{my decorated eggs}
{I baked some sugar cookies}

{a little bunny engraved on the butter}

{my profile rabbit egg with a lovely pisanki not made by me}

{and we of course had Pimm's}

{Simla posing with the easter decorations}

{someone was eager to play with the dangling eggs}
I also did a little easter egg hunt-the plan was to do it outside but it was a rainy day (our first in ages), so instead, we hunted around the flat. I made little bunny bags out of simple sandwich bags from tesco: 

1) fold bag and cut out shape from fold outwards to make the bunny ears:

2) draw bunny faces on them with black indelible marker:

 3) voilà:
{someone was very eager to play with eggs}

Thursday, 17 April 2014

{quotable thursdays}

S P R I N G! 
the birds are chirping, the sun is shining and Easter is this weekend!
{spring time!}
 Indeed, it is a time to plan projects, dream up summer vacations, and feel happy with the world. This past weekend my cousin came over for roast beef & yorkshire pudding and I decided to dress up the flat with some spring decorations--first cut flowers of the season from the garden!

{Simla loves the blossoms too!}

{this little silver plated vase I bought at the marché aux puces in Paris the other weekend}

{hot mustard, a must for roast beef!}

On Easter Sunday I'm hosting a little egg hunt here so stay tuned for pics....

Thursday, 10 April 2014

{quotable thursdays/madhatter hen}

This past weekend, we all went mad. Well, we had a Madhatter Tea Hen Party, celebrating a friend's soon-to-be married status! It was in Filey, a little town on the Yorkshire coast. simply fun. simply mad!
 It was a really great idea for a hen party...tea pots were filled with cocktails, and it gave us the excuse to just go mad & let loose!
All 7 of us stayed in this gorgeous house: 
{went for a lovely walk in Scarborough}
{ice cream by the sea shore}

{table all ready with Mad hatter props}
{pin the bow tie on the Madhatter game..and Alice bunting}

{we're all a little bit mad}

Go out & enjoy your mad side;)