Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Thursday, 19 July 2018

{quotable thursdays}

This week I blogged that my book came out. I have a good quote for that one:
{go after what you want}

I had a lot of times I didn't think it would happen. I've had a lot of frustrations in academia; it's an institution made of people who keep failing, but keep trying until they get what they want. It's not an easy world to live in, but I've learned to believe in myself, surround myself with supportive people, and reach high.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

{Blenheim Palace Garden Party}

Is there anything so glorious as a sunny English summer? Combine that with an old fashioned garden party at Blenheim Palace with fabulous company & you've got the recipe for a perfect evening (and weekend in the end).
Last Saturday I had the Great British Garden Party at Blenheim Palace booked but realised it was going to be a really long journey home late at night, so I decided to treat myself to an overnight stay in an old coaching inn, in Woodstock, which was the best decision.
 I spent Saturday afternoon perusing the lovely shops and enjoying a pint in a beer garden, before walking the 4 minutes to Blenheim's gates!

{charming Cotswold village!}

{my coaching inn} 

& then the gloriousness that is Blenheim Palace:

The interiors are just as striking, with this lovely library (although I couldn't imagine actually living in a place like this (birthplace of Winston Churchill)) :

{stunning ceiling!}
& then back out to the grounds to enjoy all the entertainment, from live music to cricket matches to croquet to Pimms to fabulous gardens!

{all dressed up with somewhere to go!}


& then it finished with fireworks playing to all the Proms favourites, including Jerusalem!

{sound on!}
Now that things are starting to slow down with teaching, I'm hoping I'll have some more time to catch up on blogging, life, and other things!

{book published!}

I realise I've been frightfully absent from blogging... but since my last post, my book has come out!
So it's very exciting news. Thanks to all my faithful followers who have come on the journey with me: from reading about frustrations in academia to accompanying me on my research trips to Italy!
The book is finally out in the UK and will be out shortly in North America! (apparently even Target is going to stock it!)
So you can have a look at Collecting Art in the Italian Renaissance Court over at Cambridge University Press (where you can use the 20% discount code: CLARK2018) or you can preview it on google books & Amazon!
My official book launch isn't until October, but I've been celebrating ever since it came out at the end of June!
{presenting on my book at the National Gallery in June}


Thursday, 14 June 2018

{quotable thursdays}

On the weekend, my Dad sent me this poem that he wrote about the famed Globe Inn on the canal, near Leighton Buzzard. It's been a historic coaching inn for bargees for centuries. I often take guests there and we were lucky enough to have a Sunday roast there right off the barge, when we rented one from the Wyvern Shipping Co. in March.
So today's quote is the poem:
The Globe

Oh to be at the Globe,
That ancient canal-side inn,
To watch the barges gliding past,
The ducks and dabchicks swim.

Oh to be at the Globe
With bitters firm in hand
A gentle breeze across the fields
When Spring is on the land.

Oh to be at the Globe, 
When the sun is surely set
To dine on beef and yorkies
Washed down with choicest 'wet'.

Oh to leave the Globe at last
And wend the long way home
By bridal path and working lock
No more this day to roam.
{my parents at the lock, en route to the Globe}

{early morning rise on the barge, headed to  the Globe}

{one of my first trips to the Globe after moving to LB}

{in the sunshine!}

{with book club!}
xo, L

Thursday, 19 April 2018

{quotable thursdays}

I'm not going to lie. I'm overwhelmed. I've got too much to do.
But the sun is shining so here's my quote for today:
{stay positive!}

Friday, 6 April 2018

{TGIF-canal trip}

Dear blogland,
It's been an insane week...and last week was rather busy too. I'm drowning under 101 deadlines and sadly my parents also left to return to Canada this week.
But my Dad sent this lovely poem about our barge trip the other week, and I thought it was a good way to end a hectic week, to look forward to tea in bed tomorrow morning (although I'll be working a lot this weekend)...and to remember to take a breath even when times are busy!

We shall return another day
To grasp the tiller in our hand
And ply the water roads
Of this green and pleasant land.

All we ask as we embark
Are loved ones near and far
To share the early morning mists,
The evening's distant star.

We'll wend our way through country towns,
Through marsh and weir and fen,
Through rivers bold and narrow locks
And stop we know not when.

The stakes we'll drive in greening fields
To tie our mooring lines
And tether us more firmly
To simpler, gentle times.

& to give you a real feel at how peaceful it can be on the water: 

Happy Friday!

Thursday, 15 March 2018

{quotable thursdays}

I ventured out briefly to enjoy my garden in a moment of sunshine and what a treat to see the flowers beginning to wake up post-snow!
{Walt Whitman}