Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Monday, 29 August 2011

{Back to School}

{kate spade via brown eyed belle}

Most of you think fondly of 'back to school': the smell of fresh school supplies--paper, pencils, little booklets (with lines on only half the page, the rest left blank to draw a pretty picture), wooden rulers, snazzy new lunch boxes. For those parents out there, you're looking forward to getting back into routine and not hearing 'I'm bored' from your summer-holiday-children. For us professors, it means the mayhem begins all over again. Don't get me wrong--I love teaching & I love the start of the semester, but somehow the year seems to fly by and there is never enough time in the day to get everything done--lectures prepped, powerpoints composed, essays marked, exams made & marked etc.. etc.. oh & research? It gets put on a back burner until the editor of the journal you're submitting to gives you a deadline for a quick turn around of an article and you're forced to find some more time in the day. Weekends? well, they usually consist of work, work, & more work.

But there's nothing like back to school shopping and the excitement of books to buy and new outfits to choose.
{erasers anyone? from one charming party}
{bright back to school from you broke the mold}

{boarding school chic from d*s. Ask my Dad who went to boarding school in India--I don't think it was quite as glamorous as this!}

{perfect outfit for perusing books. via coco+kelley}
I've fallen in love with these images from Reverie blog:

{apples for professor clark? the above images all from reverie}

{some necessities via goinghometoroost}
How about these?
{Perhaps I should get myself some 'boys reins!' via kitchen retro}

{not so fond of the comment. who says librarians/smarty people can't be gorgeous? look smart & beautiful in librarian glasses  from RunwayDaily}
{chalkboard chic from ruche via makeupbykc}

{j crew teaching chic via cashmerefog}

{casual Friday look from H&M}

{Art History sojourn to France? jcrew via living the clever life}

{prep school chic via hemingwayandhepburn.tumblr.}
I love these funky school supplies from dotcomgiftshop (one of my favourite online shops from the UK):
Revolver Wooden Ruler - �4.95
{I'm not sure if this would be allowed in North America}
Treasure Tin Gymkhana Design
Set Of 4 Knick Knack Tins London
English Rose Notebook A7 Size
{lovely rose notebook}
One of the most exciting things about back to school? & in particular, universities & colleges? Libraries:
{via we heart it}

{via hither and thither}

Lucky for me, my office is in the library!
Happy Back to School!
Here's some advice for those just starting from Dr. Seuss:
{via Whispered Reflections, Etsy}

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