Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

{summer time!}

ahhhhhhhhhh...the weather is finally warm & sunny & lovely here in new england (although today we had some crazy thunderstorms)... makes me want to get patio furniture, add stripes & bright colours to my wardrobe & the house... & wear fun dresses. here's some summer inspiration:
stripes stripes stripes
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Mad About Pink » Eat Drink Chic
{from eat drink chic}

{stripes via oh joy!}

stripes stripes stripes !
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Brown Eyed Belle: Weekend Style
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{elements of style}
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{bikes + colours via the terrier & lobster}
& flowers from my garden:

...doesn't lovely weather just make you want to spend the whole day outside?:
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Happy summer time! Now go grab that Pimm's & get out on the lawn!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

{quotable thursdays}

My goodness, how is it Thursday already? It's a glorious sunny day here in New England, & I'm working hard on a paper I'm presenting in Germany in July.
So, unfortunately this will be short--rather than a quote, I just want to wish you a good day:
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It's the type of day, I wish I could lie on the grass all day: 
 & eat ice cream (or wear it): 
i scream for ice cream
{eat drink chic}
i scream
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 or go for a walk along the boardwalk:

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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

{UK in spring}

I have been sick in bed for the last few days--but here is my attempt to catch up on some blogging.
 This spring has meant a few trips to the UK.
Spent a lovely few days in Cambridge, and even managed one of the carol services at King's College. Their Christmas carols are a legend, and attending evensong on a regular day, was just as spectacular. The chapel is absolutely stunning.

Took a lovely day trip to Brighton with friends:
{Brighton Pier}

{fun times at sunny Brighton; this photo, courtesy of my friend, Fjola}
Also spent a lovely day in Kent, visiting Godinton House & Gardens, with my cousin, Choo: 
{enjoying the grounds at Godinton House}

I also gave a paper at my alma mater, the Courtauld, at a conference on sculpture, organised by a dear friend & colleague.
{Courtauld stair case}
All in all, great times had in Merry ol' as usual.
I'll be back to the UK this summer, so stay tuned for more from merry England.
now back to writing...

Thursday, 17 May 2012

{quotable thursdays}

I just came back from a *fantastic* trip to London. This quote is particularly fitting for the nostalgia I am now feeling at being home:
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pics & blogs to follow...

Thursday, 3 May 2012

{quotable thursdays}

"These studies sustain youth and entertain old age, they enhance prosperity, and offer a refuge and solace in adversity, they delight us when we are at home without hindering us in the wider world, and are with us at night, when we travel and when we visit the countryside."         
                                                                      -Cicero (106-43BC)

While I love learning/teaching, I'm looking forward to the fact that it's the end of the semester & summer break is on its way. However, even on holiday, even when we travel, something remains with us from our studies.
School's out, classes finished, just a pile of marking & then summer truly begins.
No more students' dirty looks:
proper posture
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time to leap for joy: 
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& have some fun:
summer fun
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so what's ahead for the summer?
lots of writing:
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& travels...
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stylish travel
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& some conference presentations (in places like London & Nuremberg!):
la prof
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much more to come from my travels...so stay tuned!