Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Sunday, 23 February 2014

{flat-before & afters}

I'm finally getting around to before & afters of my flat!
As you know, I had to wait a few months for all my stuff to arrive, and finally I've got everything under one roof...and with a little cat, I finally feel 'home'!

{mid move-in}

{mid move-in!}
{moving in...}

{bar cart}
{the bar!}

{my Dad made this armoire when I was a little girl}

{black & whites of my ancestors & family}

{the hall with carpets & pictures up}





{bedroom before}

Thursday, 20 February 2014

{quotable thursdays}

Hello all!
it's been a crazy few weeks! I just got back from Chicago on Tuesday morning and have hit the ground running catching up on emails and work...
Chicago was great--I was there for a conference (CAA 2014) and gave a paper, but lucky for me, it's also where my bestie lives, so we got to hang out & catch up.
We attended a great Courtauld alumni party at the Museum of Contemporary Art (the Courtauld is where we both met).... & we spent loads of time just chatting and hanging out.
So today, a quote in honour of my best friend, katie:

{that sums up Katie!}
{best buds!}

{fantastic restaurants with cool architecture}

{answering questions on my panel}



Sunday, 9 February 2014

{tasty morsels-Grain Store}

{Grain Store}
I realise it's been a while since I wrote a post related to 'tasty morsels' but bad knees & Christmas got in the way...However, this morning we were ladies who brunched again, and it was divine! (for those of you unfamiliar with tasty morsels, I'm trying out a list of London restaurants and blogging about them-read more here).

This time, N. 4 on the list is the Grain Store, located in a new & developing area, behind Kings Cross.

 The brunch menu was simply delish--& hard to choose from!

We shared a couple of appetisers: the chorizo scotch egg & the wild mushroom croquettes:

{presentation was absolutely lovely, especially the croquettes on pine trimmings}

Sara and I both ordered the poached Clarence court egg served with pumpkin hummus, drained yogurt, dukkah & flat bread:
 & Suzy had the frittata: 

all very very good!
I absolutely loved the aesthetics of the place: old & new, traditional and modern, industrial and pantry, fused together...and the colours & materials: lots of whites, greys, steel, wood, and a splash of colour here & there....
I particularly loved the way they mismatched chairs, but painted them all in white...
{check out the variety of chairs}

{ladies who brunch!}

& my favourite thing of all? a bar cart made out of a pram!

& finally...a very funky Loo:
are you hungry & decor-envy yet??? For more pics of the place, see the Grain Store website's gallery.
lovely way to spend a Sunday!
just a note: it's really difficult to get a table here for dinner--tables are apparently booked weeks & sometimes months in advance. Brunch, however, was do-able...I think Sara made a reso about a week in advance. It was fairly empty at about 11 when we arrived, but by the time we left, it was PACKED...& it's a very large space.
stay tuned for more,