Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Sunday, 28 April 2013

{musings from the little red book-pillows & paint accents}

This post will be the last on the little red book for a while, as the book is now packed. But today, we're looking at pillows & paint accents. Many of these things are DIY:

#1: funky pillow additions:

These little additions can be done in a variety of materials. The simplest would be done in felt, but you can also get this great stuff to iron on to material so that it sticks, doesn't fray and doesn't require a huge amount of sewing/finishing the ends.

Some inspirations: 
{bold mix of colours & patterns with appliqué pillows}
{LOVE addition}
{bright paint colours with bright patterns & anchor & turtle pillows}
{absolutely LOVE the silhouettes}
{more LOVE}
{why not add some pompoms?}

{here are some already made}

#2 Paint accents: 

I think that some of these embellishments or decal-type things can look over done. But I do think that if done properly, they can still look really cool. 
some inspiration:
{this is wallpaper but with such a big design, you could easily use cut outs}
{some birdies}


{antler cut out}

{just a square of wallpaper}

{one wall with a punch of colour}
{neat palette}

{colour inspiration}
{some unusual colours}
{pretty pastels}

{pretty colours}

now back to packing, 

Thursday, 25 April 2013

{quotable thursdays}

{Audrey always knows best}
With (finally) spring & warmth & sunshine in the air, we ought to think about planting our gardens--metaphorically & literally. Spring is the time of renewal and rebirth. Planting a garden is believing in the future--that might mean investing time in a new project, taking a course to start the roots of a new career, or merely planting some seeds in your garden.
{the beautiful Audrey Hepburn herself}

Sunday, 21 April 2013

{musings from the little red book--a tavola!}

{this page is centred around the dining table}
Today's post from the little red book looks at dining tables & table settings. "A tavola" means, in Italian, 'to the table.' (Please excuse the short-hand/abbreviations in the little notes)

#1: big dining table

I absolutely adore big, long dining tables. It means there's plenty of space to host a large sit-down dinner party (of which I'm a huge fan):
{so very downton}

My parents once owned a beautiful Arts & Crafts home in Victoria, called Craigmont, built by the famous architect Samuel Maclure . We used to sit in the very big dining room with its own fire place & a lovely large long dining table. I loved it! (I do have pictures somewhere, but it was before the digital age, and alas they're in a box somewhere in storage-grrrr!)
{look at this lovely table}

{marble top & old worldly}
{more modern setting}

#2: little details, like place cards

I love little details that make a party feel 'special'. These little place cards are a fun idea, hearkening back to an older period:

{I especially love the idea of providing the residence of the guest "of E. 13th Ave" for example}

{things one could use to decorate the table}
{so cute with string}

{these leaves are a brilliant idea!}

{macaroni place settings!}

{or provide guests with a menu! even on a simple occasion}
{another menu}

#3: pretty glasses. 

Some funky finds at the Charity shop can really bring some glamour to any table.

{fancy glasses}

{love the gold rim}

...& just a little instruction in setting up your table:

{informal or formal setting}

For more on table settings check out my pinterest board.
Bon appetit!

{bridal dress shopping}

On Friday, I had some fun going bridal dress shopping with colleagues/friends...no, not for me! for a good friend of mine. I made this cute little pin for the bride to wear (below)...& it was so much fun to be girly & forget about work & stress. A great way to end the week! We had drinks & dinner after at duino! (duende). loads of fun!

{loads of dresses!}

{much needed dinner & drinks after a busy week!}
can't wait to see what dress she chooses!