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Tiddley-Bits tea

Monday, 15 August 2011

{bunting obsession}

{via bird+birch}

For those of you following me on pinterest, you'll realise I'm slightly obsessed with bunting (I have a whole board dedicated to it). In fact, I can't quite get enough of it. I bought this oh-so-cute bunting from Sass&belle--perhaps my favourite shop in London:
Union Jack Bunting
I could spend hours in their shop--but their website is pretty delicious too!
Anyway, I've hung this lovely British bunting in my bedroom...and now I've started thinking about decorating my fireplace (which is not-so-nice--very 70s in a bad sense) with bunting. I've got some fabric and am just trying to figure out how to hang it (since I'm lacking a sewing machine). I've got plenty of more before & afters to do (particularly because I'm not yet in the 'after' stage) but you can see how simple bunting & a changing of a coverlet & curtains can transform a space:
{my bedroom before & after}

In the mean time, I've been googling bunting & pinteresting bunting...and there's so much lovely bunting out there! Par exemple:
{from ashley ann photography}
{via all sorts}

{via sis boom}

{I found this on pinterest but the original url is no longer working unfortunately. so I can't give credit where credit is due}
{from antiquitea}

{Lovely way to make any space feel like an occasion. via unabashed bliss. check out her directions on how to make bunting here}
I also really like the looks of these ribbon tendrils and loose cloth as bunting. Adds a bit more of a rustic detail: 
{via snippet & ink}
{I just think this is simply gorgeous. & the italian blog from where it comes is simply bellissima: valdirose}
With my obsession for bunting, an interest in other types of garlandy, pom-pom & what-have-you decorations has developped. I'm currently loving this amazing 'coffee filter garland' made by Pam Garrison (she's got instructions on her site). So simple yet so elegant:

I could say (& show) a million more things & images on bunting & pom-poms as it has become an obsession but here are just two more of my favourite examples:
Dainty in pink
{from opulent couturier}
{via maison boheme}
Stay tuned for more!

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