Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Monday, 29 May 2017

{postcards from Japan}

Happy May Bank Holiday weekend to you!
I realise I have been rather absent from the blog as of late. But this year has been especially busy, not only with travel, but with a lot of publications, and then keeping up with renovations & various things on the house too!
But I'm FINALLY going to catch up at least with my travel to Japan. It was a real whirlwind trip, but exceptional nonetheless.
I managed to fit in a full day of taking in the sights of Tokyo with an old friend and colleague from McGill days, who lives in Tokyo: We went to the Meiji Shrine and walked around the serene park, then in total contrast, we wandered the chaotic and nutty Takeshita street, where brightly coloured outfits are equally matched by colourful food, alongside cat & owl cafes, then came the Shibuya crossing featured in Lost in Translation... and then finally ending the night at a typical chicken spot (yakitori)--who knew chicken could be skewered and bbq'd so many ways?! Then a few days at the conference at Gakushuin University, with my last day spent on a trip to Mt. Takao and an amazing dinner in a bamboo grove complete with Geisha dancing and entertainment at the famous restaurant, Ukai Chikutei! From there, I headed straight to the airport, only to be in the UK two days, before flying off to Chicago. It has been a busy 2017 so far!
Here are the pics to prove it!

{Meiji shrine}

{graduating students dressed up in their finery}

{sake offerings}

{ritual hand washing}

{wishes and aspirations}

{the crazy Takeshita street}

{fabulous Shibuya crossing made famous in western cinema  by the film Lost in Translation}

{wonderful dinner spot}

{preparing our chicken}

{bento box at the conference}

{views from Mt Takao}

{the ascent to Mt Takao}



{fabulous dinner here in the bamboo grove, Ukai Chikutei}

{we had a whole house to ourselves for the dinner; taking off shoes}

{the menu}


simply a wonderful trip!

Thursday, 11 May 2017

{quotable thursdays}

Happy Thursday!!
Well, once again I'm snowed under with work...but I just had to give a moment today to a quote (or two). As you might know, a few weeks ago we had our sisters reunion, which was fantastic. More on that later, but since then I have been feeling so inspired by my dear sisters and feeling so uplifted with love...I thought I'd post some inspirational quotes.
 If I've learned anything from the amazing women in my family, it is the knowledge that sometimes it's the silent 'do-ers' who can achieve the most:

{both from a greatsite}
Lots of pics to share, but here are a few of my favourite from the reunion:

{at Woburn Abbey}