Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Thursday, 30 July 2015

{quotable thursdays}

Today I pick up the keys to my new house! There is lots to do--painting, pulling up carpets etc... and I'm doing it alone. I feel rather emboldened by the task that lies ahead but I know in a few days I will likely feel deflated and overwhelmed. Here are some quotes to remind me that this is the start of something new & fabulous & wondrous!

{things take time}
Soon I'll have lovely wooden floors & will say goodbye to the awful stripe wallpaper. soon!
wish me luck!

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

{musings from the little red book-think pink!}

Today I officially own a house! I'll pick up the keys tomorrow and start measuring and planning the painting & decorating!
One advantage of being a single woman owning her own house is that I can do whatever, yes, *whatever* I like.
I could paint the door pink!
{bright bazaar}
{even the shutters are pink!}

{pink & roses}

Lovely inspiration can be found all over the UK...I could have a pink globe: 
{pink globe}
or sweet feminine touches everywhere: 
{fashion framed}
or pink walls: 
{what elegance!}

{old world charm with pink walls}

or maybe, I can frame a big portrait of my cat in a LBD & have it prominently displayed: 
{HRH Simla}
Anything is possible!
stay tuned for more...

Friday, 24 July 2015

{new home owner}

{good news!}

Some exciting news ladies and gents!
I bought a H O U S E !
Yes, my first house! It's all so very exciting!
It's a Victorian terrace, that is in good condition but needs some TLC in terms of decorating (& some reinstating of its original period charm). Just my cup of tea!
Perhaps you can sense my excitement by the number of exclamation marks I've used? I'll have plenty of more pictures to come when I show you some before and afters...
but here is a little shot of the front of the house:
This does mean that I'll be bidding London farewell. My little house is in a small medieval market town in Bedfordshire--much closer to my work, but still only a very short train ride into the capital. The good news is I'll have loads of country walks at my doorstep, including a lovely canal that links lovely little villages & canalside pubs...
{the canal}

{the town on market day!}
As you can imagine, I've been thinking about all the lovely things I can do to the house--paint colours, floors, beds, furniture, curtains. Can't wait!
Here are a few images I've been using for inspiration (you can of course check out more on my pinterest boards, particularly under home inspiration)...

I'm currently loving greys, and I think they're a tone that's timeless and soothing. Who can resist Farrow & Ball? Although I've recently fallen in love with Little Greene (who have some heritage colours in association with English Heritage):
{colour scheme by the Paper Mulberry}

I think some William Morris has to make a presence on a feature wall somewhere:
{bird & pomegranate}

I certainly need bookshelves everywhere!
{bookshelves in a lovely shade}

{I'm loving dark greys & golds/bronzes in the kitchen (even though some are saying this is already out!-I think if done right it can look timeless)}

The bedrooms have little fireplaces, so I've been looking at small fireplaces for inspiration:
{the pink is totally tempting!}
One thing I'm absolutely thrilled about is it has a wood burning stove in the sitting room. Fantastic for cold wintry nights! Can't wait to have a little home for me & my sweet Siamese cat:
{we're moving!}

I'll have the keys in my hands next week!
Stay tuned for more & looking forward to you joining me in the renovating/decorating projects that lie ahead! (There will be surely more posts in the series 'musings from the little red book')

Thursday, 23 July 2015

{quotable thursdays}


Things feel a bit impossible at the moment, but there will come a time when all my 'to do's are all done!
{come on, you can do it! and you can do it in style too!}


Sunday, 19 July 2015

{Family Celebrations in Bristol}

My family hails from Bristol, at least on my Dad's side, which is probably why sailing and the sea is in our blood. Last weekend I visited the West Country to celebrate my great aunt's 90th birthday & a cousin's 20th wedding anniversary. I stayed with my Dad's cousin and his family in Long Ashton--in a beautiful old house. We went for a lovely walk in the Mendip Hills, had a big party with cream teas, & general merriment was had by all.
Some pics to tell the story:
{Clarks on a walk, Mendips}

{fantastic birthday & anniversary celebrations in Clevedon (pic taken on a polaroid)}

{my great aunt & me}

Thursday, 16 July 2015

{quotable thursdays}

It'll be short & sweet today, but take from it what you will:
{Lions don't lose sleep over the opinions of sheep}

Thursday, 9 July 2015

{quotable thursdays}

It's finally summer for me...the weather is warmer now in London and teaching responsibilities have quietened down for the summer... yay!
I'm now scrambling to meet a bunch of publication and writing deadlines before things get crazy again in September.
Here's a quote that can be about life, but also about writing (& the creative process of writing). It can easily happen when we rely on other authors' too heavily because we are unsure of our own voice & are scared to take ownership of our arguments:
{beautiful illustration by Ana Victoria Calderon}
{let your voice be heard}
I'm off to celebrate my great aunt's 90th birthday this weekend! more to follow...

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

{these streets}

{Columbia Road, East London}
The one thing I love about London is that you can always find a new neighbourhood to explore. London is also always changing so a walk down the same street might be very different year after year.
Last weekend I decided to check out the Columbia Road Flower Market and the lovely shops that line the street. Simply a delight for the eyes:

{friendly feathers at the fantastic natural history shoppe!}

{how cute are these?}


{hipsters abound}

{lovely antique shop}

{lots of flowers to buy (and shoppers dressed in equally bright arrangements!)}

{love the paint peeling here}

 I then continued walking towards Hoxton and stopped in at Pitfield--an amazing space of interior design, antiques, furnishings & a cafe:

Then continued my walk to Spitalfields market where there were more funky spots to see...