Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

{une petite pause}

ZsaZsa Bellagio: its cool.
{vanishing for a bit}

Hello readers,
I'm taking a little break from blogland...I'm headed back 'home' to ship my stuff (finally!) and will take une petite pause from blogging. Looking forward to seeing  family & relaxing a little before the crazy onslaught of a new academic year...what better way than to spend some time with a niece & two nephews (one of which is my godson) to remind me what really matters in life?

{going to spend time with this lovely family--my eldest sis & her fam (my niece's teeth will probably have grown in!)}

{us, NYE 2012/13}

{boating, 2008}
But great things await. I've decided to try start a new series on the blog, called 'tasty morsels' which will be all about sampling the best & most tasty restaurants in London... What could be better than eating my way across London with friends & blogging about it? The idea is to follow the 35 recommended restos by Easy Living (although I think the top places for a drink by Red will also make an appearance). I'm particularly keen on trying the apothecary bar (as you know I'm fond of apothecaries, see blog):

The Apothecary Bar in The House of the Wolf
{house of wolf apothecary bar, photo from Red}
I'm so looking forward to going home, but I love the fact that after sad goodbyes to family, I'll be returning to a place that I really love. I came across this little bit of advice on life in London from apartment therapy....if you're thinking of moving to this fantastic city, or you're visiting for a bit, then there's some solid advice here. For those of my friends & family who are coming to visit me, you might find the pointers about the tube essential.
Tube Ryo Takemasa
{the tube}
{ready to head off}

Zuza Krajewska & Bartek Wieczorek for Elle Poland
{off I go...}

so, aurevoir for just a teeny weeny tiny tiddley bit, and see you again soon,
{what a fantastic suitcase!}

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