Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Thursday, 8 August 2013

{hen party in Athens}

What better way to spend an afternoon then having a hen party at a spa in Athens? As you know, I was in Athens for a good friend's wedding. Since all of us were coming from all over, we decided to have a hen party the day before the wedding. I organised a spa afternoon at a spa in central Athens, which was divine. Fish Spa Athens, is clean & lovely, but the best part was that the staff were so friendly. Fotis, who I did all the organising with was so helpful, after I kept chopping & changing times & the amount of people. I only knew the bride, so trying to organise 8 girls coming from the UK, America, Jordan, Hungary, Germany and I can't remember from where else, was a bit of a task!
The prices were really reasonable, and they let us bring in champagne (& they provided proper glasses); we also brought in food & they were just so happy to accommodate us. I got a full body massage and a pedicure and manicure...it was all so very relaxing after a few very busy months.
Even better, they took loads of photos of all of us, so we've got pics to remember it by.
{I bought some hats, a tiara & made a little 'bride badge' before I left}

{the bride, arriving at the spa}

{at fish spa!!}

{we went to a variety of places for drinks/dinner: we started in central Athens}

{then ate dinner at this lovely place in Piraeus, with these lovely tiles--it was incredibly cheap & oh so good!}

we finished the night having drinks at the seaside in Piraeus...
such a lovely day!

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