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Tiddley-Bits tea

Thursday, 5 September 2013

{quotable thursdays}

I'm back!
I had a fantastic trip back to BC and now I'm gearing up for a very busy autumn. I'll post photos soon of my trip but back to the weekly ritual of quotable thursdays:
Be present.
{be all there!}
We are a society that no longer lives in the moment. You look around on the train and everyone is on their mobile texting, emailing or checking facebook to see what other people are doing somewhere else. You sit down in a restaurant and watch people not speaking to the person in front of them or savouring their wine, but instead answering their phone to speak to someone somewhere else. Our retirement plans and our banks tell us to prepare for the future, so we don't enjoy the present but worry about the future.
{get off that phone!}
It's the reason why I decided to try to unplug as much as I could when I went home. I didn't want to be anywhere else but present visiting my family. I'm a planner, so I need to take my own advice and try to live more in the present and BE ALL THERE. it's not always easy to do.
Why, even our smart, witty heroine Miss Eliza Bennett was worrying about finding Mr. Wickham at the Netherfield Ball instead of talking to the man right in front of her eyes--Mr. Darcy! Slighting Mr. Darcy is hardly excusable!! and we know, that often when we are not living in the moment, but looking for somebody else, we miss the opportunity of meeting mr. perfect because we are worried about mr. not good enough! I think one of the rudest and inexcusable acts of social blundering is when you're at a social event and the person you're talking to is obviously looking around the room for something better to do.
Netherfield Ball
{Netherfield Ball}
When I was at a wedding in Greece recently I met an amazing woman who genuinely was so interested in talking to everybody-young & old. She made you feel like you were special and she was ALL THERE when she was talking to you. I admire that greatly. 
I love people who get into things....really get into things and totally live in the moment. They laugh hard, they're often quirky, but they enjoy, & they are also loads of fun to be around. It's largely about confidence and being comfortable in your own skin...
The Terrier and Lobster: Clarks Ad Campaign by Chris Craymer in Somerset, England
{be there not somewhere else}
On that note, I attended the Courtauld anniversary party last night at the Tate Britian and I was with some fantastic people (two I met that evening, and one, an old friend). They were jolly good company and I was happy to be with some decent people who enjoyed the evening, were happy to get on the dance floor, when it wasn't crowded yet, & simply lived in the moment.
so wherever you are, be all there.

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