Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

{happy 21st birthday Miss Lambs}

{Simundar in Montreal, c 2006}
Happy 21st birthday to my dear cat (our family cat)! Yes, she's very old and has been an amazing furry companion for almost all my life. She has lived all over the world, on boats and on land, and is a kind kind soul. She's been very sprightly and agile, but this last year she has begun to slow down with a couple of respiratory infections...I had her for the year and then before I moved to London I flew with her as my carry on and dropped her off with my parents. My parents say she is getting slower and will probably not make her 22nd birthday, but 21 years is a long life for a little cat!
So happy happy birthday to one of the dearest, sweetest cats in the whole wide world. Perhaps our affection for her is demonstrated by the 101 names we have for her: Simundar (official), wools, woolly, woolsy, woolly lamb, lambs, lamben, Miss Lamb, rat, ratty, mammadoo, cat, little lady & the list goes on (you can tell that as a child I wanted a real lamb, but got her instead)! If you'd like to see more of miss lambs, I've written on her here & here (on her 19th birthday) & here.

{Above delivery to my parents}

some images inspired by lamb:
so cute!
{she is literally the cat & its pyjamas!}

love the cat at the piano!! Graegin1sketchbook
{she loves to sit by the piano when I play}
cat  paper featured on d*s
{cat wallpaper featured on d*s}
The Terrier and Lobster: Charlotte Olympia X Tom Binns Punk Collection
{cat shoes}

Tabby Cat Tuna Company graphic artwork
{her favourite delicacy: tuna fish!}
I love you Simundar! you've been such a great companion all these years & I'm thinking of you on this special day!!!
instead of singing her a happy birthday song, here's a ditty my sis & I came up with when we were young, to the tune of 'It's a small world after all':

She's a cat we call woolly, 
a cat we call lamb, 
she's a cat full of tuna
a cat full of ham, 
There's no doubt when we say, 
we are loved everyday, 
by a good, good, cat.

She's a good cat after all, 
She's a good cat after all
She's a good cat after all
She's a good, good cat!


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