Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

{athenian markets}

One of the best things to do in Athens is just walk around the streets--there's plenty to see (& buy!), from leather sandals to olives to antiques. It can be a bit overwhelming in the heat of the day, but I love this kind of thing. The pictures will tell it much more eloquently than I ever could, so with that, here's some feast for the eyes:

{crazy antique/junk shops all over the place}

{from the sea to the table}

{greek salad made from fresh ingredients}

{the fish cooked, at an excellent restaurant in Piraeus, overlooking the sea}

{beautiful lamp street off of Ermou St. in central Athens}

{meat market!}

{I bought some olive soap here}

{pet food supply store}

{walking the streets...}


{more olives--can you ever have enough?}

will post more on the wedding soon, 

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