Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Sunday, 21 July 2013

{vintage & antique finds}

 Those of you who follow my blog, will know that I've moved to London and just over a month ago, moved into my flat. Bit by bit I'm making the place feel like 'home.' As an Art Historian, the walls are embarrassingly without artwork, but I'm waiting until my stuff gets shipped from Canada before I put anything up, since a lot of what I have is in boxes... Absent too, are carpets etc... but I'm making do so far and also picking up amazing things at local charity shops and antique stores. There are some really good bargains out there, if you know what you're looking for and you're looking in the right places. There are loads of antique shoppes in London--central London has some great antique malls, but they are on the pricier side of things. You can find amazing things in charity shops (but be careful, as sometimes things are overpriced there as well). I've found a gem of an antique shoppe nearby in Palmer's Green--he often has a bin of stuff outside all for a pound or under. If you're prepared for a bit of tarnish or wear & tear, you can find some really great things. Here's what I've been buying so far:
{charity shops are an excellent place to find good finds--I bought the Moroccan tea glasses,(still in their box) at one}

{the gorgeous crystal sherry glasses and the silver tray I bought at a local antique shop that has AMAZING deals-the tray was 1 pound!}

{behind you'll see some gorgeous light green & 24 ct gold-plated tea cups & saucers and side plates--these I got at a charity shop (set of 5 for 6 quid!) I love the silver-plated toast rack--also from a charity shop; & a new purchase: do you not love Mr. Earl Grey?}

{my Mum inherited an amazing china set of a blue, gold & orange oriental pattern; hers are impossible to find, but these here are a close match. The dessert tray and set of cups & saucers I found at a local antique shoppe, all together under 10 pounds (which is amazing!) and the plate I found at a charity shoppe for under 5}
{this isn't old, but I fell in love with it--a curious toile. it's just too cute. can you see that the little animals are leading the other by a leash? hilarious! and how cute are the little butterflies in the interior of the bowl?}

{lovely find at a charity shop}

{crystal candlesticks from again, my local antique shop & a vintage owl piggy bank I bought on ebay (for all those 1 pound coins I need for the shuttle to the OU)}

{this old silver-plated jug I got for 1 pound at my local antique shoppe--perfect for flowers}

{not a vintage find, but I do love this little union jack pillow from Sass & belle (that actually matches my bunting)}

{the sass&belle union jack bunting in my old house in Vermont--matches union jack pillow exactly}

{an amazing find was 42 pieces of silver-plated utensils all for 12 pounds!}
{even more amazing, it almost matches exactly my new silverware (new on left; old on right)}

{I'm using some vintage cake stands for my jewellery}

{which I had mused about in my little red book}
{a little silver jug acts as a perfect vase for a rose}

& finally not new, but I've had my eye on these MATRYOSHKA measuring spoons & cups. I bought mine on Amazon but you can find them around.

{you open up the Russian dolls, and each side is a measurement (the smallest head, for example, is 1/3 cup}

stay tuned for more!

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