Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Monday, 15 July 2013

{happy 40th birthday to my sis!}

If you read my blog, you'll know I have 4 older sisters. The second eldest turns 40 today. I miss her so much--she lives in Mexico, I live in London...and all I want to do is take her out for dinner & drinks & celebrate. So, in lieu, here are some pics celebrating her 40 years. We shared a room when she was in high school & I was only a wee lass...she always had the coolest clothes, blaring the greatest music, and had such a passion for life. Rach is the person you want to be next to at a party--people flock to her laughter, her sense of style, her sense of adventure, and her general 'fun-ness.' You know if Rach is around, there's sure to be a party and a lot of laughing...whether it's on the bus and you're teenagers and she's pretending to be from somewhere else and putting on an accent and everyone is looking at you in interest, or you're in some foreign country on a boat, where there's no running water, (and  no fresh water at that), and she'll waltz into a hotel, pretending she's a guest there, and get you a lovely chair at the side of the pool, no questions asked.
Happy Birthday Rach--I love you to bits! Here's to 40+ more...looking forward to all the fun times ahead!
{montage of some of the early years}

{her passion for the sun & fun was fostered at an early age in the Bahamas}

{on Pacific Swift somewhere in the Caribbean}

{a beautiful bride!}

{having too much fun!}

{in Vegas for her b-day 6 years ago}

{us in Mexico in 2009}


{beach babes}

{5 sisters, Christmas 2012}

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