Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Sunday, 28 July 2013

{off to greece}

yay! so excited to go to Athens for a good friend's wedding! As an Art Historian, it's embarrassing to say I've never been to Greece! I'm so looking forward to studying the great monuments of classical antiquity, eating yummy food, basking in the grecian sun & most of all, attending the wedding! The bride is my friend, Kathi, who I met in Vermont; we instantly became friends. She's brilliant--from Vienna, studied at Oxford and Princeton & just a lovely person. If you recall, we went wedding dress shopping together in Vt (that seems like a lifetime away).
{me & kathi being crazies!}
Now it's wedding time!
My present is wrapped:

I've got the invite (which is on absolutely gorgeous thick cardstock):

Even more exciting for an Art Historian, the venue is the headquarters of the Association of Greek Archaeologists, with views, apparently of the Parthenon! yipeee!!!
The Terrier and Lobster: Clarks Ad Campaign by Chris Craymer in Somerset, England
{off I go}

ready for some sun...
Marcus Design: {happy friday + hello summer ...}


perfect for travels
{fun colours}

{all packed...}
& really looking forward to a girls' afternoon at the spa with the bride:


où est la piscine? (wrong language I know, but it's all greek to me-ok bad joke)
{you will find me here--the pool at my hotel!}

{also the view from my pool--that'll be my flipflop soon!}
will take loads of photos--have no fear!
stay tuned, 

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