Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

{toronto trip}

I spent this past long weekend in Toronto visiting my sister & her family. My niece provided me with a zillion reasons to smile & laugh, and it was great to visit with my sister before I head to Europe & the UK for the summer.
It was gorgeous one day & we went to the beach:
{my sis & my niece at the beach--ahh sun!!}
We went to Riverdale Farm one day--a farm in an urban park, in the area of Cabbagetown. There were animals to see, and a nice walk down to a pond where turtles were sunning themselves on logs (until the thunderstorm came out of nowhere!)
{the barn where you can visit cockdadoodle doos, geese, & piggies}

{me, on the bridge across the turtle pond}

{there's a beautiful building which has a spot for tea & a little gift shop--reminded me of many sites in the UK}
Riverdale is in Cabbagetown. Cabbagetown was something I had always heard about growing up. My Mum grew up in Toronto and as she graduated from UofT with a nursing degree, she used to work in homecare visiting the sick in their homes. She was often assigned to Cabbagetown, which was named for the stench of cabbage, as it was a poor area of town. The stories of squalor and terrible living conditions always disturbed me as a kid. I was surprised to find gorgeous brownstones--the area has obviously been gentrified in recent years.
{gorgeous homes in Cabbagetown}

We also went to the Distillery District. There are plenty of restaurants and shops, and generally, it's just a fun place to walk around: 

My next trip is next week. I'm headed home. yes, H.O.M.E. Can't wait--I get to meet my newest nephew, & hang out with my sis & her family & see old friends & family too. yipeee!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. we can't wait to have you in Vancouver.... ps is Cabbagetown a potential site for a sisters' reunion??!!!

  2. exactly! can't wait to see you too!!!