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Tiddley-Bits tea

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

{king's speech}

{Mr. Darcy...I mean, Colin Firth in the King's Speech}
Last night I watched the King's Speech. I do think it was a really great movie...plus any movie with Colin Firth is enough to keep me interested.
I absolutely loved the interior of Lionel Logue, the speech therapist's home/office. The therapy room was shot at 33 portland place, an Adam's design.
King's Speech: the wall with skylight
{via set piece}
{this image from studio ten 25}

{this pic & below, via gracie-senseandsimplicity}

I fell in love with the peely walls, the funky old couch, the wall paper, and the beautiful leaded glass windows. Here are some images inspired by the set:
House Call Gritty Glamour in London 2 House Call: Gritty Glamour in London
{via seasonal home decoration}
{via houzz}
{funky sofa, audrey hannah photo}
1920-1940 Louis XV Style Three-Seater Sofa - 1stdibs
{from polyvore}
{from newlydomesticated}
I love the outfits Helena Bonham Carter wears in the movie as well:
The King's Speech
{& Colin looks rather fine in his top hat!}

for hats:

Hijab Inspiration: Vintage glamour reworked for 2009
{1930s inspirations from Ferretti}

{I like this '30s look with thick sweater, wide trousers, & heeled shoes, via roobeedoo}

...and I loved the shots at Sandringham. I visited Sandringham recently on a trip to the UK. Such a beautiful place & I love the grounds:

For more on the set, read this article in the guardian.

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