Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Sunday, 15 May 2011

{afternoon in Corning}

Yesterday I took the day off. completely. I haven't taken the day off just for myself in absolute months. I've taken days off from work, but it's always been for a special occasion--a holiday spent with a sister, or a trip somewhere. Yesterday, I took it off completely for myself and I took a trip to nearby Corning. I blared my favourite songs on my ipod on the 1hour&20minutes-busride and read a magazine. no work--it was heavenly!
So what did I do in Corning? Well, I went antiquing & strolled along the main street. I had been to Corning before, with my friend Lissy, when we went antiquing, so I knew what goodies were in store (you can read about that trip here).Unfortunately, I can't show you all my purchases because most of them are prezzies for people who read my blog. However, I did get some great deals. The lady at Twin Tiers Antiques even commented on my great finds "you really do know how to shop & find the best deals."
 I also took myself out for lunch--I indulged in a beer & a burger. When I was id'd by the waitress (super flattering at my age), she exclaimed with joy "ohhhhhh You're from Canada?" I am still amazed at how surprised/excited Americans are about a 'foreigner' in their country. Particularly since we are actually not that far from the Canadian border.
Here are some photos of my lovely afternoon in Corning (& now I'm just procrastinating from reading a book on Alfonso d'Este's camerino d'alabastro):

{had to take these photos--as I love apothecaries. see my blog on apothecaries}

{I just fell in love with this display for this tailor & the witty name}

{Corning is well known for its glass}

{I love twin tiers--2 floors of antique mall, filled to the brim with excellent finds}

{how cute is this birdie bag they gave me from Twin Tiers? Full of great purchases}

{these are the 2 things I bought for myself: cocktail napkins with, luckily, my initial on them & this darling linen towel below}

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