Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Friday, 14 November 2014

{belated quotable thursdays-birthdays!}

{balloons & cards}

Hello blogworld,
Sorry I missed quotable thursdays yesterday, but I had a good excuse: it was my birthday!
I took the day off and ventured into Barnes, a lovely village in London that harkens back to another time, when London streets weren't quite so busy, where the local pub was charming and quiet and where shops shut early and life is refined. Simply a lovely day.
I was blessed with loads of love from all of my friends and family in all the various forms--snail mail, cards, phone calls, skype chats, facebook posts, emails, e-cards, texts, etc....
Here is a fantastic quote for a birthday girl:
{party tonight!}
The morning started off with yummy cakes, coffee & of course Buck's Fizz.

 & a few pictures from my day in Barnes:

{cream tea at the lovely Orange Pekoe}

{gorgeous homes in Barnes}

{a lovely birthday pint before a roaring fire at the charming Idle Hour pub}

I'm off to my cousins' this weekend for more b-day celebrations. Stay tuned for pics!

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