Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

{une petite pause}

ZsaZsa Bellagio: its cool.
{vanishing for a bit}

Hello readers,
I'm taking a little break from blogland...I'm headed back 'home' to ship my stuff (finally!) and will take une petite pause from blogging. Looking forward to seeing  family & relaxing a little before the crazy onslaught of a new academic year...what better way than to spend some time with a niece & two nephews (one of which is my godson) to remind me what really matters in life?

{going to spend time with this lovely family--my eldest sis & her fam (my niece's teeth will probably have grown in!)}

{us, NYE 2012/13}

{boating, 2008}
But great things await. I've decided to try start a new series on the blog, called 'tasty morsels' which will be all about sampling the best & most tasty restaurants in London... What could be better than eating my way across London with friends & blogging about it? The idea is to follow the 35 recommended restos by Easy Living (although I think the top places for a drink by Red will also make an appearance). I'm particularly keen on trying the apothecary bar (as you know I'm fond of apothecaries, see blog):

The Apothecary Bar in The House of the Wolf
{house of wolf apothecary bar, photo from Red}
I'm so looking forward to going home, but I love the fact that after sad goodbyes to family, I'll be returning to a place that I really love. I came across this little bit of advice on life in London from apartment therapy....if you're thinking of moving to this fantastic city, or you're visiting for a bit, then there's some solid advice here. For those of my friends & family who are coming to visit me, you might find the pointers about the tube essential.
Tube Ryo Takemasa
{the tube}
{ready to head off}

Zuza Krajewska & Bartek Wieczorek for Elle Poland
{off I go...}

so, aurevoir for just a teeny weeny tiny tiddley bit, and see you again soon,
{what a fantastic suitcase!}

Sunday, 18 August 2013

{a minibreak in the country}

{interior courtyard near the stables at Houghton Hall}

Last weekend we (my cousins & I) went on a minibreak to Norfolk. Aug 9 is an unofficial Clark holiday, so we had to keep up the tradition! The tradition started last year, when we decided to take the day off and see Highclere castle (the home of Downton Abbey). This year, another cousin joined us, and we headed to Norfolk to visit the amazing collection of paintings at Houghton Hall. The paintings were originally purchased by Sir Robert Walpole, GB's first prime minister, but were sold off to Catherine the Great, and have been in the Hermitage ever since...until now! They are on loan from the Hermitage and thanks to original drawings, we know exactly where they were placed, and so they have found their 'home' again, for a few months at least. There's a very good documentary by the bbc on it, if you're interested to hear more.

{lovely Palladian Houghton Hall}

{3 cousins!}

{fantastic gardens at Houghton}

We stayed over night at a lovely little B&B, where we enjoyed a delicious roast beef & yorkshire pudding, with all the trimmings...and what made it especially special, was the fact that all the veg came from their garden!
Sunday we visited Oxborough Hall, which is fantastic. The edifice dates back to the fifteenth century and has some gorgeous interiors (which date from later)...

{stunning Oxborough Hall}

{I fell in L.O.V.E. with this library--this is seriously my *dream* library. Large, but not imposing. Cosy & warm, but still elegant!}

{amazing interiors}

{we went on a walk in the grounds which provided these stunning views}


Saturday, 17 August 2013

{wedding in Athens}

Playing catch up, but they're here finally...some pics from the awesome wedding in Athens. For the trip, see my previous blog posts on the markets, hen party & the sites...

{ceremony was held in an old post office in Piraeus}

{gorgeous chandeliers}

{wedding guests}

{groom awaiting the bride!}

{they're married!}
we then travelled into Athens to the reception held at the headquarters of the Association of Greek Archaeologists:

{if you look hard the Parthenon is in the back, up on the hill!}

{the building for the reception}

{father & daughter dance...}

{greek dancing}
{a good friend of the bride's came up with this fantastic idea of taking polaroids and then getting guests to write a note in a book}

{a greek tradition is to write the names of all the single ladies on the bride's shoe...the next one to marry is determined by whose name is erased}
We danced & ate & drank late into the night...what a fabulous event...and a great vacation!! I wish it hadn't ended so soon!