Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Saturday, 23 March 2013

{spring baby shower}

Last weekend, with two friends, I hosted a baby shower for our friend Nicky. We hosted an Afternoon Tea at my house with the theme of spring/baby bird shower. If you follow my blog you'll know that I'm in Vermont on a two year contract, and with my contract I get a furnished house. It's a big house, but very outdated, with a 70s fireplace and a 50s kitchen with a cut out between the living room & kitchen--or as one friend calls it 'the 60s housewife window' (click here for before & afters). So, we had to do with the decor that the house presented, and tried to make it as pretty & springy for the baby shower (she's having a girl) as we could.
I made the invites--drew the designs--and had them printed at uprinting. I also scanned a detail from the card and had stickers printed at moo (my #1 favourite printing company)--I would've done the invites there, but I couldn't upload an interior image and there wasn't enough room to allow for all the writing I needed on the reverse either.
{my design for the invite}

{the moo stickers used on picks, notes etc...}
A tradition in our family is to make crackers for important occasions. I decided to make them for the shower, with baby trivia inside (from old wives' tales to baby statistics), with hand made hats & little baby-related favours. We all got in a circle, crossed our arms (if you're familiar with crackers, this'll make sense) & shouted BABY & pop they went. It was a good ice breaker as we went around & read each trivia out.
{hat, baby trivia & baby related favours for inside the crackers}

{completed crackers}

{cracker opening!}

{Nicky in her hat!}

{I made bunting with paper}

{& cut out little birds}

{party favours were bird nests with chocolate eggs}

{tea & tulips}

{the spread}

{finger cucumber sandwiches}

{the mamma-to-be & the three hosts}
{tea cards for each tea pot & below, choice of lovely UK (M&S) herbal teas}

{we asked each guest to bring a quote or word of advice for the baby girl & to write in the book as a keepsake for Nicky}
Fun was had by all & yay for the little one on its way!!


  1. Yay for the little one on the way! What a sweet and incredibly thoughtful shower! Looking forward to celebrating the arrival of little Mombellina!!
    -Auntie Jessy

    1. I'm sure Mombellina will be as witty, smart, beautiful & bright as her mamma!! (& her aunties, of course!!)