Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Monday, 5 September 2011

{Vermont Living-before&afters}

As many of you know, I've recently moved to Vermont. As part of my contract I get a three-bedroom house, fully furnished. The great thing is, I arrived with my small suitcase directly from London and was able to sleep in a bed with sheets, watch telly from a couch, and use the kitchen without having to unpack or purchase anything. The negative side of things is that the place isn't really my style, & I haven't been able to pick & choose furniture, decor etc... Since I'm only here for 2 years and since I know I'll be moving most likely to a new city at the end, I don't want to accumulate too much. At the same time, I want a place I can call 'home' & that I feel comfy entertaining in. So compromises & creativity are the order of the day. Plus, on a budget. My parents always taught us to be resourceful, and here's an attempt at resourcefulness...
BEFORE: The living room was un-interesting and the brown wood & brown 70s fireplace dominated the space. If I was living here permanently, I'd probably paint the wood out white, but for now, I've put my bunting obsession to good use:

I bought a few little antiques from the local antique store: some cute little tea-cups, a plate etc... I put up some photos of my newest nephew, old books, and vintage postcards. In addition, I asked for profile pictures of my four sisters, and I made silhouettes of the 5 Clark sisters, set them on pretty patterned backgrounds, and put them in pink frames to play with contrasts against the dark wood: 
{the 5 girls in chronological order}





{I bought some pretty fabric, cut out triangles, sewed them to some ribbon & made pretty bunting}

{tea cups}

{before: rather dull & office-furniture looking}
On this side of the living room, I switched the two chairs for the couch & added some fun lanterns & home-made pompoms (& oh took out the fake tree).

I've also become slightly obsessed with antlers/deer. More on that later, but I had bought this gorgeous toile paper at the V&A while I was in London, so I just cut out the elegant silhouettes of deer & put two up above the fireplace and one above the telly:

I'd like to get some accented throw pillows & put up new curtains to make the place complete, but all in time....more to come for sure!


  1. Love the lanterns & the bunting. Such fun... should submit to d*s!

  2. that is high praise indeed! thanks so much!! Now you just have to come & visit:)

  3. Love the lanterns and the silhouettes...how did you do these?

  4. Where did you get the lanterns? Dylan and I would like to do that for her room...

  5. The lanterns I bought online (http://www.paperlanternstore.com/) & I hung them up with clear thread. The pompoms I assembled according to instructions by Martha Stewart & others (with adaptations) see them here (http://tiddley-bits.blogspot.com/2011/08/bunting-obsession.html) and also http://www.marthastewartweddings.com/article/pom-poms-and-luminarias. the silhouettes, well a bit more complicated. I printed out the photos I wanted in identical sizes (black & white is fine). then I traced the outlines (against a window so the light shines through) on to a white piece of paper. I then cut out the outline & traced it onto dark brown paper (the paper you'll use for the profile). then you cut out that very carefully & you have the profile. I just figured it out myself, but there are directions online. You can find some at d*s: http://www.designsponge.com/2008/04/diy-project-custom-paper-silhouettes.html