Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Saturday, 24 September 2011


hello deeries/dearies,
Yes, I intentionally did the brackets backwards. I think it sort of has the look of antlers--another obsession of late. anyone who follows  me on pinterest will know that I'm slightly obsessed with antlers (click on this link for my antler board). While real deer heads on walls might be not totally pc, there is something gorgeous about the daintiness of deer. There are a variety of styles now--from rustic and classic to funky and bright, most of which are faux-taxidermy. I'll let the images speak for themselves:
{Classic Antlers}
{group them in a silver urn for an antiquey look via birch+bird}
{via hither and thither}

{from birch+bird}

{via pepper&design}
{from Beez that way}
{Colourful Antlers}
{from your modern couple}
I saw these cool colourful ones for sale at the V&A bookshop & took a photo:

Blooming Deer Pillow
{from knockoffdecor}
{via pinkshirts and carwrecks}
{how gorgeous is this addition of roses? from decor8 via pinterest}
{I'm in love with this chalk silhouette. from 2gypsy girls}
Deer Print on Tile Green
{you can buy this print on Etsy}
{gorgeous patterned silhouette by artist Robert Hague}
Antler Silhouette Screenprint 12.5 x 19 in Pick Your Color
{by monorail purchasable on etsy}
Deer with Antlers - vinyl wall art decals graphic stickers
{also available on Etsy sold by tasty suite}
Deer Print On Vintage Dictionary Book Page
{by texas girl designs, you can buy this on etsy}

Here are some pretty sculptural deer by Cathe Holden:

{images from just something i made}

I got inspired in my house to do something deer/antler-ish. I drew sihouettes of deer on some gorgeous toile paper I bought at the V&A, cut them out & pasted them up on my wall above the TV & near the fireplace: 


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