Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

{off to LA}


I'm off to LA for a very short jaunt tomorrow. I need to bring my 20.5 year-old cat to my parents and the safest way was to take her as a carry on. I will miss her attention and her sweet hellos and goodbyes....It's probably the last time I'll see her. But a girl couldn't have asked for a more friendly & faithful furry friend. I remember bringing her home from the breeders when I was 10, about a month before my 11th birthday. My family had sailed around the world for a year and we were back 'home' and it was time to get another cat. She helped me get through an awful 6th grade--a time when girls were terribly mean to one another & I suffered a year without friends. She has always been a stalwart friend, who always offers a nudge & a purr when I need it the most. For more on Simundar check out posts here, here & here.
so off we go on an adventure. This cat has lived on a boat; in Victoria BC in numerous homes; in Montreal; in Ottawa; in Winooski, Vermont, and now she's off to LA!
{love this vintage poster}

{the cat in 2005, with me & my nephew}

{Audrey, always travelling in style, even with a pooch}
audrey audrey audrey
{my boxes are packed, and this is certainly what it looks like around here!}

{oh cat!}

{ready for flight!}

ciao & miaow, 
L & S

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