Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

{4 sleeps...& a trip to LA}

4 more sleeps until I fly to London!
Last weekend I delivered my 20.5-year old cat to my parents in LA, since she won't be moving to the UK with me. It was a sad goodbye:( such a well-behaved cat, though. Slept most of the way & everyone who saw her fell in love with her!
{arrival at LA airport with my little cat in the carrier}

But we had a lovely weekend together in LA...
{walks along the marina in San Pedro}

{drinks at the marina}

{walks on the beach}

{night out in San Pedro (including live piano at the Whale & Ale)}

{visit to the gardens at the Huntington}

{more walks--chillier day}

{& finally the Wayfarers chapel built by Frank Lloyd Wright's son}

I'm back in Vermont now, just for a few days for the final wrap up!


  1. Love those photos! Great to see M 'n M looking so well!! Can't wait to see them back here in good old Nova Scotia :)


    1. Yes, it was a great little adventure! They were talking all about NS & your tour guide abilities!