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Tiddley-Bits tea

Thursday, 10 November 2011


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All of these lines across my face
Tell you the story of who I am
So many stories of where I've been
And how I got to where I am
-The Story, Brandi Carlile

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I like to think that the lines on my face are markers of the character I have come to be through the many experiences I've encountered in my 30 years (rather than signs of ageing!).
Yes, 30!
They say that the 30s are the new 20s. I recently was watching a SATC episode, and Carrie contemplates on how we tend to focus on what we don't have rather than our accomplishments. I did the 30 list below, to remind myself that one can do a lot in 30 years, and that we achieve some of the biggest accomplishments within those first few years of life. I doubt I'll accomplish as much in the next 30 years, but it'll remind me that every year is precious and we should never stop learning; never stop setting new goals. My biggest goals for the next few years? Get my book published & get a permanent job that I absolutely love. Amidst that goal-seeking there should be plenty of time for enjoying life, enjoying friends & family, and savouring the moment (& maybe finding prince charming?). If there's anything I'd teach my younger self, it would be to try to live in the moment more, rather than thinking about what's to come or nostalgia for what has passed. Remember, if you're lucky, you have 100 years to live, so take advantage of every moment--I love the 100 years song by Five for Fighting, it's a perfect one for birthdays.
ok, so here are my 30 achievements in 30 years in no particular order of importance, yet with some attempt at chronology:
  1. Learned to breathe.
  2. Learned to eat.
  3. Learned to walk.
  4. Learned to speak-in English.
  5. Learned to ride a bike.
  6. Learned to speak- in French.
  7. Learned to love.
  8. Got sea legs at a very very early age, spending most of my early years aboard ship & sailed around the world three times by the age of 13.
  9. Learned to play the piano & guitar.
  10. Graduated from elementary school.
  11. Graduated in French Immersion from Junior High & then High School.
  12. Awarded best-dressed in Junior High (ha! had to put that in there for a laugh).
  13. Learned Italian.
  14. Got my first job in High School as a barrista.
  15. Continued working throughout undergrad to put myself through university.
  16. Received a BA.
  17. Received an MA.
  18. Received a PhD.
  19. Received various scholarly awards & scholarships.
  20. Became a published author in an academic journal.
  21. Taught my first university class.
  22. Lived in France.
  23. Lived in London.
  24. Lived in Italy.
  25. Travelled (& spent 3 summers) in India (the birthplace of my father & grandmother).
  26. Learned that my sisters are my best friends & that those relationships are to be cherished (friends & boys will come & go, but family remains strong).
  27. Learned what it feels to fail... & also what it feels like to succeed.
  28. Learned that you can make mistakes at any age, & that you will always live with them. (& that's not a bad thing-they're the things you learn from).
  29. Travelled to over 45 countries.
  30. Learned to appreciate the simple things in life, that all my dreams might not come true & that the voice in my head is just as valid as anyone else's.
  31. {me, as a baby with my sister, Esther & my Mum at Mamre Oaks}
      {me, on Robertson II, where I spent most of my first 6 years}
{me & my 4 bestfriends--the Clark sisters}

    {me & my sailing & life-long companions, my four sisters}
{the Clark girls in 2000}
{5 sisters in 2002}
{the 5 sisters in 2008}

 Celebration inspiration:
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Last year I contemplated the issue of numbers. I celebrated my b-day last year with my awesome sis, Julia in NYC (you can read about our trip: intro, day 1 & 2, & sights). This year I decided to fly back for the quickest trip ever HOME. There's nothing more important to me than family & I can't wait to spend it with my dear eldest sis, Julia, her husband Craig, & their little ones, who are my dearest friends (Sabo, Sweet P & Hugo). My parents are also coming over for the day-yay! It'll be quick, and there's nothing big planned. I'm looking forward to just sipping vino, drinking chai together, feasting on yummy food, hanging out & a night or 2 on the town.
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{I was born the 5th of 5 girls on Friday the 13th--my Mum said it was good luck, as she was the youngest of 5 girls. ...& I agree-- I couldn't imagine being born in a more loving & wonderful family! image from matthewhollister}

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OK, off on a plane....to celebrate 30!!
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