Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Saturday, 27 November 2010

{NYC day II}

Day II in NYC, Nov 13, aka my birthday! I woke up, put on the starbucks coffee in the room, the phone rang--it was my sis in Toronto calling to wish me happy birthday & the day started off great! I had some presents and cards to open from my family and the phone rang another two times--I got to talk to my sister & niece in Ecuador and my parents on their boat on Vancouver Island (I missed a call from my sis in Mexico while we were travelling on the tube later that day). Ju & I quickly planned the day ahead--shopping, shopping...& more shopping (oh & plenty of eating in between).
Saturday morning in Brooklyn means the Brooklyn Flea! My idea of Heaven...great funky old things to peruse. The sun was shining, the temperature was spring-like (we had to take off our coats), making it ideal weather to play looky-loos.

The Brooklyn Flea is a delight for the eyes...tons of wonderfully old things. Like a lot of things in NYC it isn't particularly cheap. Yes, you can find some one-of-a-kind things & it isn't expensive, but since antiques are in abundance around where I currently live in upstate New York, and they are super cheap, I didn't actually buy anything...but it was super fun to look around... & my sister had a great time buying Christmas presents etc... Here are some pictures to provide you with a tantalising taste of all the fun stuff to peruse. (all photos of the Brooklyn Flee taken by moi)
{spotting deals through the chain link fence}

{funky old cameras--just love old cameras}

{some very cool old clothes--I found an absolutely fabulous dress I really really wanted to buy}

{the backdrop is a very cool old neo-classical building}

{as you can tell from this blog, I absolutely adore old typewriters....& I was in Heaven here. Sold by brady-kowalski}

{cool old bags & shoes to be bought}

{love these teacups & trunks}

{I'd like to start a collection of old bottles in different colours of glass, inspired by an apothecary}

The quirkiest & 'bring-me-back-to-my-childhood' stall was Dan's Parent's House. Full to the brim of cool old toys, and eager children hoping that mummy will by them the latest oldest gadget!
Ju had a fun time scouting out stocking stuffers for her kids, and I enjoyed listening to Dan equally enthusiastic with his younger customers as with the older ones...Reliving his youth (or did he ever leave it?) through the collectibles displayed on his tables, regaling passersby & customers alike with stories of the various objects he's selling with as much enthusiasm and excitement as a child on Christmas morning discovering new gifts under the tree, and loving to recount the story of the stall itself, “About 2 years ago, my wife and I bought the house that I grew up in. The house came with 30 years worth of stuff. After getting little help with cleaning things out and a need for studio space, the idea to start dAN's Parents House was born. We are selling 30 years worth of a collecting family's treasures.” oh & yet, there is so much more. He also has a keen interest in collecting keys. For a great blog on funky old keys see Baker Hill Homes.
{Pregnant Julia in front of the great toys at Dan's Parent's House}
CLASSIC SPECS had a great stall, with tons of funky glasses that you can order online for ridiculously cheap prices (like $80 including prescription lenses!) and super friendly customer service policies--like free shipping for returns if you decide that you don't like the glasses.

{Julia took this picture of me trying some funky pairs on}
After the Flea we were starving and I had really wanted to have a glass of wine & some oysters on my birthday at the Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station. It had been recommended to me by my friend, Lissy and reaffirmed by my friend Tom...so off we went to Grand Central Station.

{Julie & me in front of the Oyster sign}
Well, the Oyster Bar is quite an experience...underground, and with a variety of different areas to dine. There is a very funky bar which looks like it is right out of the 60s, there are sit-down dining areas, lower bar-like areas, and even more bar areas...You kind of feel like you're going back in time...and you're completely underground.
{underground Oyster Bar}

{daily menu--note the date!}

{a variety of oysters, many from the area I grew up on the West Coast of Canada}

{Julia sitting at the funky bar}

{I ordered oysters from around NY state}

{me, my glass of wine, & my oysters-yum!}
Grand Central is beautiful in itself, just for a stroll through:

There was more shopping to be had, so we walked down Park Avenue & headed to ABC Carpet. Ju & I could've spent days in there...floor after floor of fantastic stuff for the home...and such a great place to wander for inspiration, ideas, etc.. etc..
They've got a cool bar (which we didn't stop at since we had just had wine & oysters) full of chandeliers:
{Julia stocking up on some great goodies}

{fantastic displays}

{more chandeliers in the store for sale}

{another restaurant inside--attached to the lovely chandelier-lit  bar (through the art deco doors)}

I found the store way over-priced but full of great ideas...You can see some more pics of our visit to ABC on Julia's blog (interior designer extraordinaire), Baker Hill Homes.
We wanted to make one more shopping stop before we had to leave the Big Apple. We ventured down towards the World Trade Centre Site, and entered into Century21 a big department store that has deals on designer labels. I got some lovely leather boots for half the price they should've cost...
By this time it was dark & the city that never sleeps was all lit up:

We ventured back to the hotel...put our feet up for a bit, & got ready for a dinner out in Dumbo. Dumbo is an area near the Brooklyn bridge, with funky brick buildings. We had dinner at Water Street...a low-key restaurant and lounge, and we chatted our hearts out, knowing it was our last night together.
That pretty much finishes it for our time in NYC together, since both of us left earliesh the next morning. Stay tuned though, since I still have some cool signage photos from around NYC.

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  1. I'm still remembering those globes & vintage maps & artwork from the Brooklyn Flea... and wandering around with YOU!