Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Thursday, 2 December 2010

{signs & sights from the city that never sleeps}

There are plenty of sights in NYC. The great thing about New York is that a saunter through any neighbourhood usually means great little restaurants, cafes, or quirky individual shops.
Many of the shops are decorated beautifully...others have some fantastic signage...and sometimes it's just the street that is beautifully adorned.
Here are some great signs I came across in my NYC wanderings:
{Actually this isn't in NYC, I took this from the coach en route to NYC--it was some small town in upstate NY}

{How brilliant & witty is the name of this bicycle shop?}

Park Avenue has some fantastic metal tiles on the ground...

Here are some more pics of great buildings & city views...

{view from our hotel, by night & by day}

And the interior of many of the shops are fantastic. Julia took some great pictures at ABC Carpet, which you can see here (She's got a great photo of the old Bloomingdale's sign as well).
Here are a couple of my favourites taken at ABC Carpet (their website is also pretty fantastic to peruse):

{I like the modern take on these greys & whites}
Anthropologie, as usual, had some really great displays. I liked their idea of using cork board for wall covering and then tacking things on to it. I'm not too sure if I like all the multi-coloured flowers, but how about all white flowers for a headboard over a bed?....or this would be great for a kid's room because you could change the style and decoration progressively as the child changed his or her tastes:

And finally, for a city full of signs, the subway signs (and in some cases, decorations) are some of the best:


  1. Missing the days of wandering NYC with you & looking for signs to make sure we were on the right track! We'll have to do it again....

  2. For sure!!! It was loads of fun!