Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Tuesday, 29 November 2011


the Chicago Theatre
{yellow directory}
This weekend I'm going to Chicago! I can't wait. First & foremost because I get to see my dearest friend, Katie & meet her new little son. Katie & I met in grad school at the Courtauld in London. Katie is like a sister to me--& I don't say that often, not because I don't have good girlfriends, but because my relationship with my sisters is so unique. I love Katie to bits & she gives the best advice--on relationships, on life decisions, on jobs, on academics, on everything...
Katie & I have been through a lot-from the stresses of writing assessed essays at the Courtauld and doing research in the Warburg, to travelling through Italy and France, to being present as her bridesmaid at her wedding to the love of her life-she's the best companion you can ask for, because, even in the worst scenarios, she'll make you laugh. & keep laughing years later.
{Courtauld graduation day (& yes, how fitting to have a female nude statue behind us!)}

{special fundraising dinner at the House of Lords}

{vacation in Cefalu, Sicily (post-thesis submission)}

{Katie visiting me in Italy when I was conducting doctoral research}

I know this is going to be a fun, fun weekend. Even if we just end up hanging out in our pjs and drinking wine, I can't wait to catch up with her!
see you soon Katie!
{drinking prosecco in a caffe/bar in Bologna}



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  2. jealous! you two will have such fun... xxoo J