Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Sunday, 9 July 2017

{sisters reunion}

Today I went for a lovely country walk in the perfect English summer sunshine--the birds were singing and as I walked through some farmland and across a bridge over a stream, I came across children who were busy catching crayfish. It brought back memories of my childhood, reading of heroines walking through the English countryside in my favourite novels by Jane Austen, the Bront√ęs, George Elliot...the list goes on. Growing up the youngest of five girls, it's no surprise we liked to think we were the Bennett sisters and would often get dressed up in bonnets & long dresses and pretend we were walking to Meryton.
So it was with great excitement that we decided to have our sisters reunion at my house here in England in April. We didn't receive a proposal from Mr Darcy, but we did enjoy country walks, stately homes, lots of tea, and a masked ball.
I realise these pics are very late--it has been a particularly hectic time with work, finishing up two books on top of lots else, but looking at these pictures brings a big smile to my face & I feel so very fortunate to call these amazing women my sisters!

{Woburn Abbey}

{having tea in the gardens at Woburn Abbey}

{& of course! matching pjs to drink our tea in!}

{& a Sunday roast dinner dressed in our finest!}

{masked ball}

{we are 5!}

So you can see we really had fun! Now I just can't wait for the next reunion!

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  1. Such a fun week!!! Looking forward to the next one. Ju xox