Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Thursday, 13 July 2017

{quotable thursdays}

Happy Thursday! You know what Thursday means? Friday is tomorrow!
It's been quite a week!
On Monday I went to the Rothschild Headquarters at New Court for a champagne reception. Way up in the Sky Pavilion the views were fabulous and it is a completely different take on London from those heights. It was a fascinating evening filled with enough characters to write a novel with.

 Baron de Rothschild was there as well as a handful of wealthy art collectors, and a Russian oligarch (descendent of Napoleon's niece), and then some academics and historians of collecting thrown in for good measure. The accents were marvellous, or should I say marbellous--yes, full of marbles (!) Following a presentation we sipped on delicious Rothschild wines and ate delicious hors d'oevres...
{the smallest fish & chips I've ever had!}

{love looking down on the gardens & rooftop restaurants}

{the sun was setting as we left}

Then Tuesday I sat in an MA exam board and have been busy since then going through my long to-do list, as well as preparing for the big launch/info event for Open Arts Objects that I'm organsing/hosting tomorrow at the Art Workers' Guild.

So today, a reminder to look up...and never stop! You might just find yourself on top of the world, or in a Sky Pavillion!!!
{look up!}
{the views from the Rothschild headquarters' Sky Pavilion}


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