Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Thursday, 15 May 2014

{quotable thursdays}

I'm in serious need of some patience around here. I'm at the almost 3-week mark of post-surgery, and while the knee is much better than it was two weeks ago, it's still slightly swollen and slightly painful and I can't do much. I'm sick of trying to walk properly, trying to do my exercises and still not feeling like things are right in there... I know it'll take time, and I need to change my attitude...but I just want to get out and not be scared of being knocked...I'm scared to take the tube, scared to deal with London crowds, and just frankly bored, even though I'm back to work & working hard from home.
There's my rant, now I need to have the calm acceptance that this knee won't heal as fast as I want it to, because nature has its way of healing.
serenity now
{running with birds}
Here's hoping I'm walking & skipping soon...

{playing footie with my niece & nephew at my brother-in-law's cabin at Buccaneer}

& here's hoping I have some more patience!


  1. howling at the "Serenity Now" image and loving the photos of the Bay. xxoxo

    1. great memories of the bay for sure!