Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

{tasty morsels}

This will be fairly brief, as things are rather busy at the moment (I fear you'll be hearing a lot of that in the next couple of months)...but the important thing is I am getting out & eating my way across London!
So restaurant No. 2 on tasty morsels (for those new to this, I'm blogging about restaurants in London, the first being the modern pantry) is:

 Joe Allen

this features as number 7 on the Easy Living bucket list...
But first, before we get into the restaurant, my friend Mel & I went shopping at the annual Courtauld book sale, which is always fun...we then stopped off for a prosecco at the bar at Somerset House only to run into a lovely other friend who was celebrating handing in her PhD thesis. So that was great fun, and when I mentioned that I was blogging about it, I got some more recommendations for places to eat. So I think that this will seriously become a very long list!
so we enjoyed a prosecco amidst these lovely surroundings (I love my alma mater): 
{beautiful Somerset House}

& then we merely walked a block to Joe Allen. It's a very comfy, feel good restaurant, reminding me of something you might find in NYC. We walked into live piano playing & anywhere that there's live piano is simply wonderful! The decor fits well within its environ of Covent Garden and the few theatres nearby--plastered with old posters mainly from the 50s&60s: 

There was a set menu, that was a good deal, but it didn't interest me too much, so I went for something simple but oh so yummy--steak frites. There's a range of things, and I hear that the burger that isn't on the menu is the most famous item! We did ask our French waiter about it, but both Mel & I were in the mood for steak...which was delicious.

{their steak sauce was very good}

I'm off to Germany tomorrow, so not sure if I'll find the time for a quotable thursdays, but stay tuned...I was away this past weekend and went on some lovely walks, so I'll post on those when I find a second!

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  1. oh my gosh that steak looks YUMMMMMMMM! Have a fabby trip... chat when you're home, jetsetter!