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Tiddley-Bits tea

Saturday, 21 September 2013

{tasty morsels}

My first post under the new category of 'tasty morsels.' I mentioned I was going to do this--try out lovely restaurants in London & blog about it. Let me preface my post by saying I'm not a food-writer & not really a foodie. But I do like good food. I might be able to talk about a painting, but food is another thing. So you'll have to bear with me, and prepare yourself for a very plebeian way of talking about food.
The idea is to follow the 35 recommended restaurants by Easy Living.
So #1: The Modern Pantry
A wonderful little spot in Clerkenwell/Farringdon (which is in itself a fantastic little area of Central London).
The Modern Pantry is exactly that- like a country kitchen, but sleeker, & with incredibly delicious food (or as they state on their website: 'Together, these two words embody The Modern Pantry's philosophy: the desire to please and excite the palate by fusing everyday cooking with modern ingredients). The menu changes day to day so that you know what you're getting is super fresh (view a sample menu here). They also do afternoon tea. The combinations are often kind of strange, at first glance, but are wonderful when the food arrives. The pairing of interesting foods--such as blueberries with duck--is done to perfection. Instead of too many contrasting flavours, or too many strong flavours, it's done in a subtle way.
So, my friend  Mel & I decided to try it on a Tuesday after work. We got there early (around 530-ish). We didn't make reservations  (when I tried to book online that morning, the only reso they had was for 830) but we decided to go anyway. When we arrived, they were all booked up except for 2 spare tables. So voila, we plunked ourselves down & enjoyed...
{I love the grey & white decor}

{lovely etched marble tables}

{the day's menu}


{my dish: lamb marinated in a cumin lemon yoghurt, aubergine & other delightful things!}

{Mel's dish: duck with blueberry salsa (which was not really a salsa, and very delicious)}

{lovely company}

{*amazing* dessert: chocolate & liquorice delice, with a tamarillo}

{au revoir}
fantastic food!
stay tuned for the next post on tasty morsels,


  1. Mmmmm looking gorgeous (food, guests & environs)!!

    1. it was delish--we will have to try one of these restos when you visit!