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Tiddley-Bits tea

Saturday, 20 April 2013

{brilliant business advice}

{women at work how far we've come from. women often offer a unique perspective in the work place and in business}
Can I promote another blog? I never do. My sister, the founder of Hipona Consulting, offers brilliant business advice. She does not approach business with a cold-hearted, cut-throat mindset, but thinks carefully & compassionately about what makes a good business work. She's witty, smart, & funny & her blog is equally as eloquent, compassionate, and insightful. Living in Ecuador, she offers a unique perspective on the Latin American  business world, but also a unique perspective on life in general. Much of her advice can be as much applied to business situations as it can be to life.
In her own words, she founded Hipona Consulting "after observing a need for organizations to make better decisions (and make ideas work) based on really knowing and listening to their stakeholders." So if you want savvy words from an amazing woman, check out her blog here. She also writes for America Economia, sort of the equivalent of the Economist.
There's nothing like a big sister who is a wonderful role model, as well as a best friend. For an interesting BBC discussion on the role women play in leadership roles, click here.

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