Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Sunday, 21 April 2013

{musings from the little red book--a tavola!}

{this page is centred around the dining table}
Today's post from the little red book looks at dining tables & table settings. "A tavola" means, in Italian, 'to the table.' (Please excuse the short-hand/abbreviations in the little notes)

#1: big dining table

I absolutely adore big, long dining tables. It means there's plenty of space to host a large sit-down dinner party (of which I'm a huge fan):
{so very downton}

My parents once owned a beautiful Arts & Crafts home in Victoria, called Craigmont, built by the famous architect Samuel Maclure . We used to sit in the very big dining room with its own fire place & a lovely large long dining table. I loved it! (I do have pictures somewhere, but it was before the digital age, and alas they're in a box somewhere in storage-grrrr!)
{look at this lovely table}

{marble top & old worldly}
{more modern setting}

#2: little details, like place cards

I love little details that make a party feel 'special'. These little place cards are a fun idea, hearkening back to an older period:

{I especially love the idea of providing the residence of the guest "of E. 13th Ave" for example}

{things one could use to decorate the table}
{so cute with string}

{these leaves are a brilliant idea!}

{macaroni place settings!}

{or provide guests with a menu! even on a simple occasion}
{another menu}

#3: pretty glasses. 

Some funky finds at the Charity shop can really bring some glamour to any table.

{fancy glasses}

{love the gold rim}

...& just a little instruction in setting up your table:

{informal or formal setting}

For more on table settings check out my pinterest board.
Bon appetit!

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