Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Friday, 14 September 2012

{European Sojourn--Mallorcan Wedding!}

well...sadly, my European sojourn did come to an end. But it ended with a big bang--a fantastic wedding of a dear friend. After a week of boat rides, a visit to Palma & a wine tour, we completed the trip with the wedding ceremony in the city hall followed by a lunch of paella on the Friday...and then Saturday was the Korean ceremony & big party/reception. What fun! Congrats to Alex & Min & thanks for organising such a fun-filled week!
{gorgeous wedding dress hanging in our house}

{gorgeous bride getting ready}

{tending to the bride}

{'the house'}

{the bride walking the streets of Santanyi}

{off to the city hall}

{the groom}

{they're married!!}

{cava in the square}

{celebrating with cava in the square}


{Day II: evening reception}
{Korean ceremony}

{gorgeous table settings with olive branches from their estate}

{partying until 3am}
What a wonderful week! So much fun & too bad it couldn't go on forever!
Congratulations Min & Alex!!


  1. Gorgeous wedding pics :-)
    Congratulations and best wishes to Min and Alex !!

    1. thank you! It was a beautiful event.