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Tiddley-Bits tea

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

{European Sojourn--Mallorca (first few days)}

The last week of my European sojourn was spent on the island of Mallorca. I was invited to a wedding of a fellow art historian (well, technically an architectural historian) and friend, Min, & so I decided to make a vacation out of it. Min and her now husband, Alex, organised a series of events & outings for the days leading up to the wedding. What an organised bride!!
I arrived on Sunday evening, took a taxi to Santanyi (where I spent the week in a fabulous house with 7 other guests), & was picked up by Min in the town square. Min took me directly to the beach for a late night snack & swim. How brilliant is island life? The following day we took a trip to the nearby island of Cabrera, (which is also a National Park)- delightful! A highlight was a stop off in an azure-water cave, jumping off the boat & swimming in amazingly blue waters (it reminded me of my childhood growing up on the boat & sailing the South Pacific).
{our rented house (front hall) in Santanyi}

{boat trip!!}

{swimming in the azure waters}

{market day in Santanyi}
Another day we took a guided tour of Palma, visiting the cathedral and the old streets of the city:
{main cathedral, Palma}


{plenty of cool, old bookstores in Palma, including this one with a coffee bar}

{Gaudi & Gaudi-inspired architecture across the city}

All in all, a fantastic first few days! next: a trip to a family-run vineyard...
until then,

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