Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

{European Sojourn: Germany (Nuremberg & Bamberg)}

Hi all,
It feels like it's been weeks since I posted last, but I think time feels like it has been extended since I've packed a year's worth of stuff into one mere week! I'm writing from the UK, where I arrived late Sunday from Germany. The conference I attended in Nuremberg was fantastic. Very very busy, full of events, special museum visits as well as giving a talk and listening to incredible and famous art historians from around the world. I hardly know how to sum it all up into one blog post. The days were extremely long: 8am (or earlier)-11pm (or later), and I feel over-stimulated with information, visual images, and bratwurst!
But let me mention some of the highlights:
-attending the CIHA conference enabled me to meet art historians from all around the world, working on a number of subjects, across geographical and chronological boundaries, and not to mention speaking 101 languages. It was academically challenging, inspiring, and stimulating. Look out for the publication coming out in the next year!
-Nuremberg is a beautiful city full of great things to see. Visiting Durer's house and having special access to the Germanisches National Museum was especially memorable. Since our conference was hosted by the museum, they had a special late opening to CIHA participants for the Early Durer exhibition. There's normally a long queue, but we were able to peruse the show in a less-crowded atmosphere amongst like-minded academics. Truly special. Also, the final reception was held in the cloister courtyard of the museum, which was fantastic.
-On Wednesday, the conference organised a trip to Bamberg. We visited Bamberg Cathedral, had lunch in an amazing rose garden near the palace, and visited the former abbey of St. Michelsberg.
I'll post a few pictures below, as I think they capture more than I can in a few words.
Post-conference we travelled to Prague, but I'll blog about that in another post!
{Nuremberg street scene}



{taking photos. photo courtesy of Taisuke}

{the lovely rosengarten (rose garden) where we had lunch}

{gorgeous Rosengarten}

{the New Residence was beautiful, down to the elegant heaters}

{New Residence, Bamberg}

{enjoying dinner & drinks in Nuremberg along the river}

{the palace in Nuremberg}


{the final reception at the  Germanisches National Museum}

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