Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Monday, 16 April 2012

{easter eggs & sunshine}

{eastery/spring inspiration from creature comforts}
It is a gorgeous & warm Monday evening (close to 30 degrees C as I write). While I have about 101 things to do, I'm feeling a little under the weather & thought I'd catch up on blogging rather than trying to read some academic text.
I can't believe a week ago was Easter Monday & it was Easter & I was in Toronto! I had a great time...walks, trip to Riverdale Farm, general eastery things... & my sister, my niece & I did some fun Easter crafts. My sister bought Styrofoam eggs and ribbon, and we also used crepe paper cut up to decorate the eggs. It was a fairly easy thing to do for my niece...
{easter crafting with my niece Anahita}

{I took square pieces of crepe paper & attached them to the egg like decorations for a piƱata}

{in another one, I attached a band of crepe paper & wrapped gingham ribbon around the egg}

{in another, I cut out rounded colours of crepe paper & applied with glue}

{Riverdale Farm Fun}

{my sweet little niece}

In just a few weeks the semester will be over, and I've got plans to write a whole bunch, travel to Europe & UK a couple of times...and just enjoy the sun & warmer weather. Here are a few images to prepare us for what's to come:

{spring blossoms via Terrier &Lobster}
{summer chilling}
Happy Monday! Today is my niece Paulina's b-day in Vancouver, so a big shout-out to her. I am so thankful for the bright light she brings to my life!!

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