Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Sunday, 1 April 2012


Had a fantastic time in DC last week/weekend. I was there for a conference. It was so busy I  was literally running (in high heels) from one thing to the next. But amazing really. The weather was super warm; I heard some great talks, saw old colleagues & met new friends...
It was the middle of the Cherry Blossom festival, so the city was decked out in lovely pinks...
{white house}

 I attended (& was the go-to person for) the Courtauld alumni tour of the World Bank's art collections. We got to go inside the World Bank & check out the amazing art collections & we learned about the various curatorial problems/issues of curating for such an amazing institution. High security meant we had to get special badges-it was all very 007.

{cool DC buildings}

{white house by night-ok not a great pic on my part, but you get the idea}

{cherry blossoms}
 I spent a wonderful morning at the National Gallery. I got to see artworks I worked on for my thesis. My paper at RSA was on a panel on portraiture, and I was able to see Leonardo da Vinci's Ginevra de' Benci, which I talked about for my paper. My paper was about reading portraits in relation to quattrocento studiolo culture, and particularly the relationship between the obverse and the reverse. There were 4 different panels for our session, and they were all great.
{National Gallery, DC}

{interior of NGA, DC-dome similar to the Pantheon in Rome}

The night before I flew out, I had dinner with a friend, at the Bistro du Coin-a cute bistro recommended by my best friend, Katie. I had the moules frites--super yummy...
That's all from DC. After spending what feels like the last month in the air or in hotels, I'm happy to say I'm cosy at home this weekend.
some cherry blossom inspiration:
Paula Bianco Blossom Necklace
{blossom necklace}

cherry blossom pink
{blossom coloured via pinterest}

{via poppytalk}

{blossom dessert via zsazsa bellagio}

pink in the kitchen
{zsazsa bellagio}

Happy weekend!

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