Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Sunday, 18 March 2012

{spring in NYC II}

Today is a glorious day. The sun is shining & it's in the 20s (C)--simply divine!
Last I left you I had had an amazing day in NYC, visiting the Frick, enjoying a yummy lunch & exploring the NYPL.
The next day I went to the Met. I was excited to check out the new Islamic galleries, which were really fantastic (a NY review here & the Met's page here). The Damascus Room was a highlight--an installation of an 18th-c room from Damascus:

I of course had gone to NYC to see the Renaissance portrait exhibition, which is closing today. It was fantastic & so wonderful to see all those portraits together...in close proximity to compare them, and to have seen some portraits in the flesh again, which featured in my thesis.
{gorgeous portraits adorning 5th ave, en route to Met}
{my little Met admittance button}
 Much time was spent in the Met, but I also made sure to get some shopping in...
ABC carpet is always a fun place, but I have to be honest, everything is so ridiculously priced:
{lovely linens at ABC carpet}

I also stumbled upon Fishs Eddy, which I absolutely just loved: 

Seriously a delight for the eyes!!
Much time was also spent just wandering the streets of NY, admiring the gorgeous buildings, the chic people (plenty of handsome men in this city!! & well-dressed at that!), & enjoying being in a big city again...

{Time Square video...can you find me??}

{I had a really really yummy lunch at Mangia}

{typical nyc view from my hotel}

{woke up with the NY times at my door every morning}

{had coffee & a croissant in this funky cafe--i really loved the lights in this spot}

{& the cosy back with bookshelves}
well friends, I'm off to DC this week, so I'll be happy to report on my trip there for the RSA conference (which coincides with the cherry blossom festival)--bring on spring!!

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