Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Saturday, 17 March 2012

{spring in NYC I}

NYC was fantastic. The weather was gorgeous--warm, sunny skies--perfect for walking about. I arrived at JFK around 7am & by 9am I was wandering through Central Park on my way to the Frick Collection.
{sunny springtime in Central Park, NY}
 I had never been to the Frick before & it really is amazing, housing the Frick family's collection, the museum feels very much like the residence it was built for.

After, I strolled down 5th Ave, until I realised I was starving and so I wandered into Eataly, thinking it was merely a deli/gelateria from the exterior. Inside, an amazing foodhall awaited that rivals Harrod's. Organised around different food groups such as verdure, pesce, pizza etc...each bar/counter has something delicious to offer you, prepared right in front of your eyes. The emphasis is on freshness & wholesome food.

 I ended up sitting beside this Frenchwoman from Paris who was super sweet & we ended up talking the whole lunch. I had the special--razor clams, which was one of the most delicious things my tongue has ever tasted:
I also visited the NY public library--such a beautiful edifice, containing everything I love: gorgeous architecture & filled with great minds...in the books that line the shelves & the brains thinking therein.
(also the site of the jilted wedding of Carrie Bradshaw in SATC).

{gorgeous interiors}

{those new yorkers sure like their sun & sitting out in public spaces at lunchtime}
There's much more to report, but that'll wait for another blog.

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