Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Thursday, 14 July 2011

{postcards from italy~Sapori di Napoli}

I am currently in London, where it's much cooler & the sun seems to shine a little less intensely & a little less brightly than Naples. Still, the memories are fresh & there's much more to tell, encore. For this blog entry, I'm calling it 'sapori di Napoli' or flavours of Naples. You'll get some delightful images of the tastes of the south...
{a daily staple}

{the markets where you can get fresh food-anything from fruits & veggies to seafood}

{shops selling the necessities of wine, pasta & bread}

{gelato anyone?}

{a very old little cioccolateria-technically a chocolate shoppe but serves as a sweet/pastry shop}
{detail of above}

{typical to Italy are these pastiglie-I merely love them for their packaging}

{these lovely almond goodies were for sale on Capri...}

{...& lemon ones}

{& other delicacies in the same shop}

{also a daily must--spritz! see my post here}

{or prosecco...spritz & prosecco usually fight for my attention at happy hour-it's hard to choose between them}

stay tuned for more...

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