Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

{greetings from Merry ol'}

Well, hello from Merry England! I've been here a week but have been ever so busy with friends & family. I have still much to write about from Italy travels, but wanted to pop in & say that I haven't forgot about you! Today I spent the day in the British Library. Anyone who knows me well knows I love libraries. There's something about being in the British Library--not only being able to get your hands on old texts all under one roof, but there's an excitement or a vibe you get from just walking about, knowing that there are tons of learned souls all in one building. and on top of that, 1000s more present in the phantoms that haunt the shelves...text after text of well-known authors & supreme minds of the past. Heaven! While I'm not particularly fond of modern buildings, but the BL is a gem.

{lovely old books exposed to those who work below}
Well I spent my first weekend here with my family in Essex--long country walks, visits to lovely grand estates, and many yummy meals. So happy to have seen my darling cousins Choo & Liz, my 3rd cousin, Mike (I think or is it cousin thrice removed?--it gets complicated)  and my cousins' friends the Weatherups who are always great company.
Here are just a few photos to give you an idea of what I've been up to:
{my cousins taking in the sun on a walk  the first evening landing in merry ol' england}

{me taking in the (rare) english sun}

{cousins before lovely old estate}

{said lovely old estate --future home of Dr. Tinza?}

{me in an english country garden}

{england's green & pleasant land}

{me & a very old building in the lovely town of Thaxted}

{think pink!}

{dressing up in the horse stables}

{more english country gardens}

{smoking cigars at a bbq at the weatherups}
more to come for sure!!

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